Interstate Warehousing

Build Up, Reach Higher and See Big Results

Efficient Space

Capitalised every cubic centimetre of warehouse space by placing heavier products higher.

Inspiring Trucks

Anticipates that its next warehouse expansion will be designed around the Crown RM 6000.

Improved Load-placement

Experienced notably better load-placement visibility at rack levels for increased productivity while improving safety.

“Competitors have nothing to match in terms of a truck for our application that reaches this height with this capacity. The Crown RM 6000 has truly revolutionised the industry, and we’re proud of the fact that we tried this new equipment in our facilities. Its benefits have been tenfold.”

Chuck Tippmann
President - Tippmann Group



Interstate Warehousing, a Tippmann Group company, operates more than 2,265,347 cubic metres (80 million cubic feet) of refrigerated warehousing space at 10 facilities located throughout the United States.



Many of the warehouses at Interstate Warehousing were at capacity — except for the top positions in the rack because the majority of its product was too heavy to lift to those heights. The empty positions not only led to wasted space, but in many cases, it meant sending customers to one of its other storage facilities. 


Crown’s RM 6000 Series reach truck lifts up to 13 metres (505 inches) and delivers up to 453 kilograms (1,000 pounds) more capacity at height than a conventional reach truck. The truck’s MonoLift mast design allows the company to gain 15 percent more pallet positions by filling open slots at the top of the racks.