WP Series Electric Pallet Jack

Built to Handle Anything

Life’s tough for pallet trucks. They must manoeuvre in tight spaces, withstand impacts, deliver power on demand and give operators controlled performance.

Whether it’s dock work, delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing; Crown’s WP Series electric pallet jack has the strength and durability to stand up to the task.

WP Series pallet truck
WP Series high lift pallet truck

Raise the Forks. Raise Productivity.

For special applications, such as stocking retail shelves or loading and unloading pallets by hand, Crown also offers a pallet truck with lifting forks, which can raise loads up to 750 mm, providing postural relief and increasing productivity.

Optional lift buttons on top of the battery cover enable operators to easily raise the load while standing adjacent to the pallet.

Built Rugged. Guaranteed Tough.

The WP Series electric pallet jack is engineered and built to endure constant jolts to the handle and undercarriage, thousands of pallet entries and exits, abrupt direction changes and harsh environments. 

the WP Series pallet truck provides lasting durability

The WP Series electric pallet jack features heavy-gauge steel throughout the chassis, side panels and power unit cover. 

Crown’s robust drive unit has a powerful AC motor, cast iron gear box, helical gearing and taper bearings that absorb shock to secure it in place. 

A cast aluminum handle with structural webbing provides maximum strength and lasting durability while operating in tight spaces.      

Crown has the confidence to include a five-year warranty on the weldment of the power unit and the forks.

the WP Series pallet truck offers reliable performance

Proven Reliable

Crown’s WP Series electric pallet truck design considers every detail to deliver unmatched reliability and performance. 

With a proven AC traction system, maintenance-free service brake, simplified diagnostics and service; users can expect more uptime and a longer pallet truck life.  

The brushless AC motor means brush inspection and replacement are eliminated. The sealed design also contributes to enhanced long-term reliability. 

Crown’s e-GEN braking system uses the motor to provide frictionless braking. Brake maintenance is virtually eliminated and energy is returned to the battery for even more efficiency.  

A lift cutout at full lift, adjustable fork linkages, load wheels incorporating a debris guard, and an optional sealed on-board charger ensure even greater reliability and extended component life. 

Operator Preferred

The WP Series electric pallet jack is preferred by operators – hands down. It enables operators to manoeuvre heavy loads in tight spaces with precision and confidence, thanks to the innovative X10 handle, precise AC traction system and a comprehensive approach to pallet truck stability.

Crown’s X10 handle offers advanced ergonomics so operators experience less fatigue and work more efficiently. The hand grip design features a neutral wrist position and urethane covering with integrated grip points to provide a comfortable, secure grip in any environment. The unique design of the thumbwheels and lift/lower buttons makes it easy to blend travel and lift/lower functions.  

the WP pallet truck features the unique X10 handle

The AC traction system delivers responsive acceleration, smooth direction changes and precise control so operators can quickly and confidently transport and position loads.  A ramp-hold feature improves operation of the pallet truck on ramps and inclines. A programmable rabbit/turtle switch provides two levels of selectable performance to match operator experience or the task at hand. 

the WP pallet truck features an AC traction system

Crown’s superior stability system couples dual lift cylinders with a heavy-duty torsion bar so operators can easily manoeuvre off-set or tall loads over sloped and uneven surfaces.  A brake-override function enables manoeuvring the pallet truck in tight spaces with the handle positioned nearly vertical while remaining within the profile of the power unit.

the WP pallet truck features Crown's superior stability system
the WP pallet truck features the unique X10 handle

WP Series Model Types

Compact Pallet Jack
WP 3010 Compact Pallet Jack

Its compact size makes the pallet jack ideal for kerbside deliveries, transport on lorries as well as retail applications.

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  • Load Capacity

    1600 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    211 mm

  • Power

    24 V / 150 Ah

  • Width Overall

    720 mm

  • Head Length

    500 mm

  • Fork Length

    800 - 1400 mm

Electric Pallet Jack
WP 3015 Electric Pallet Jack

The WP pallet jack lifts and transports up to 2000 kg in any warehouse setting - from small businesses to large scale distribution centres.

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  • Load Capacity

    1600 - 2000 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    213 mm

  • Power (Electric)

    24 V / 150 - 375 Ah

  • Width Overall

    712 mm

  • Head Length

    546 - 611 mm

  • Fork Length

    800 - 2400 mm

Electric High-Lift Pallet Jack
WP 3020 Electric High-Lift Pallet Jack

The high-lift pallet jack raises heavy loads to a comfortable working height to reduce back strain and increase worker productivity.

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  • Load Capacity

    2000/800 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    750 mm

  • Power (Electric)

    24 V / 150 - 250 Ah

  • Width Overall

    712 mm

  • Head Length

    665-749 mm

  • Fork Length

    1150 mm

Options and Accessories

The fully automatic on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the truck battery.

WP Series pallet truck on-board charger

Battery roll-out allows use with battery extraction/charging equipment to make battery changes in applications that require multiple batteries more convenient.

WP Series pallet truck is available with battery roll-out

Freezer conditioning allows the lift truck to maintain performance in cold storage facilities.

WP Series electric pallet jack is available with freezer conditioning

A variety of drive tyres are available to provide excellent grip and enhanced acceleration and brake performance in any application.

the WP Series pallet truck offers a choice of drive tyres.

Single or tandem load wheels are available to suit pallet or load type and floor conditions.

The WP series pallet truck has single or tandem load wheels.

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents pallet movement.

The WP series electric pallet jack is available with load backrest
WP Series pallet truck on-board charger