V-Force Single Phase V-HFM Forklift Battery Chargers

Maximize Your Battery and Your Investment

In addition to its rugged construction, Crown V-HFM Series modular forklift battery chargers deliver efficiency, programmability and application flexibility.

v-force v-hfm charger

Efficiency is Key

It’s simple: more efficiency means lower energy costs. The V-HFM Series modular, high frequency battery chargers offer more efficiency over the entire charging cycle.


Power Savings

The V-HFM charger offers more efficiency over the entire charging cycle. Gain up to 38 percent power savings when compared with traditional Ferro and SCR chargers.


Charge Efficiency

With the ability to achieve 93 percent efficiency over an entire charge cycle, amp draw rates are reduced – all while being environmentally sound. 

Extended Battery Life

IEI (constant current – constant voltage – constant current) charge profile reduces the amount of heat generated during the charge, contributing to better battery performance and extended life.

Intelligent Control

The V-HFM Series high frequency chargers can be programmed for use with 24 or 36 volt batteries.

They can easily accommodate up to a 925 amp hour battery in conventional charging applications.

v-hfm charger with interchangeable power module and cooling fans shown
forklift batteries charging

Extra Forklift Battery Protection

Software-driven, the charger’s onboard intelligence monitors performance and battery conditions throughout the cycle. 

Extensive alarm monitoring and protective timers add even more safeguards.

The charger’s software automatically prevents charging of an incorrect battery type and configuration. 

Battery Charging Convenience

Technology used in V-HFM high frequency forklift battery chargers is ideal for industrial applications where performance and ease are desired.

This compact and lightweight charger offers a smaller footprint, occupying 67 percent less space than the typical charger cabinet. 

A universal mounting bracket allows the charger to be wall or floor mounted. 

ease of carrying the charger shown by man carrying charger in hand

V-HFM Series Modular Battery Charger

FS3 180 A Forklift Battery Charger
FS3 180 A Forklift Battery Charger

A 46-pound single phase charger with a charge current up to 180 amps.
The V-HFM FS3 charger can be used for conventional applications.

Modular Battery Charger Options and Accessories

The optional Battery Monitoring Identification Device (BMID) is designed to mount on top of the battery. The device monitors battery health and controls charging.  It detects low electrolyte level and clearly communicates the need to water to the operator.  The BMID monitors voltage and temperature, then adjusts charge rate for optimum performance.

battery monitoring identification device

(1) The Mounting Bracket offers the ideal mounting solution for FS3 size charger cabinets, supporting up to 50 lbs while allowing the charger to be mounted from the rear, side or bottom of charger.

(2) The L-Bracket is used in conjunction with pogo sticks to secure cables off the floor and within easy reach.

Wall Mount Shelf Bracket, Mounting Bracket, L-Bracket

Versatile design provides multiple configuration options by anchoring to the floor to hold chargers and battery cables safely in place.

Enables placement of multiple chargers at optimal working height for easy access while freeing up warehouse floor space.

Includes all mounting hardware and pogo sticks for securing cables.

V-Force battery charger stand

The remote switch provides easy access to charger functions when the charger must be mounted in a hard-to-reach location.

Forklift battery charger remote switch

Pogo sticks are used in conjunction with charging stands to securely store battery cables away from the floor.

Provides operators with easy access at an optimal work height while preventing wear and tear on cables and connectors.

Pogo sticks help keep battery cables off the floor
battery monitoring identification device

Support You Can Count On

With a nationwide network of service locations, Crown offers integrated support solutions for lift trucks, chargers and batteries. Ask Crown about an individualized energy consultation and receive recommendations based on your specific needs and goals.

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