California Disclosure


Crown Equipment Corporation is committed to eliminating human trafficking and slavery. To that end, Crown trains those individuals responsible for management of the supply chain and vendor selection on identifying behaviors that indicate human trafficking or use of slave labor. All potential suppliers must pass a rigorous evaluation before Crown will do business with them. Part of this process entails Crown employees investigating both the direct supplier and the direct supplier’s supply chain for human trafficking and slave labor. Crown requires their suppliers to comply with all national, state, provincial or local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations. Crown requires each supplier to have a code of conduct that includes avoiding the use of forced labor. Potential suppliers who fail to meet the established criteria are not used. Crown does not end its evaluation of suppliers upon selection. Rather, there is continuous evaluation of each supplier Crown uses. This includes unannounced audits performed by Crown personnel at the supplier’s facilities. If at any point a supplier has not met its obligations as laid out in the supplier contracts, including prohibition of the use of slave labor or human trafficking, Crown discontinues the use of that supplier. Employees who fail to follow established guidelines are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.