Barrett Distribution Centers

Efficiently Manage Warehouse Growth with Complete Design, Racking and Lift Truck Solutions 

The Perfect Formula for Maximum Productivity

Increase Productivity

Pick 22 pallets in under 40 minutes with the RMD Series’ Xpress Lower feature.

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse racking design works with Crown lift trucks to maximize storage space and efficiency.

Productive Employees

Barrett Distribution’s operators preferred and recommended the PE Series for its comfort, speed and durability.

“As Barrett has grown with new facilities all around the country, it could never have kept up with the volume it has taken on without the combination of Crown’s racking solutions and the RM equipment. The two go hand-in-hand. The exceptional performance of the reach trucks makes the racking work.”

Tim Barrett

Chief Operating Officer – Barrett Distribution

Barrett Distribution Chief Operating Officer


Barrett Distribution is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider established in Massachusetts in 1941. It has grown to a family-owned network of warehouse facilities spanning the United States and even into Canada. Supporting a variety of regional and national customers, Barrett warehouses encompass more than 3 million square feet and cater to the movement of practically everything from consumer packaged goods and on-demand auto parts to the varied products of on-line retailers.



On a rapid growth path, as Barrett grew and expanded across the United States and Canada it faced the daily challenge of delivering continuously growing order volumes on time while creating new facilities to handle the increased volume efficiently and economically. A top priority was maximizing existing warehouse space to accommodate more products, all while avoiding the pitfalls of over-crowding or conditions that could contribute to reduce productivity. Barrett knew that downtime not only represents lost revenue, it represents disappointed customers.


Barrett teamed with Crown to redesign its 260,000-square-foot Franklin, MA headquarters facility. The Franklin project was the first in a series of cooperative projects that began with warehouse layout and design services and progressed through rack installations and new lift trucks. The Barrett Blueprint®, a proprietary program based on Crown’s layout and design services, focuses on the ability to design and deliver custom-crafted solutions for specific customer needs. Crown’s RM Series Reach Trucks and PE Series Pallet Trucks are credited with translating the designs into action. Crown’s warehouse solutions and exceptional lift truck performance anchor Barrett’s ability to handle increased volume and continued growth.