Webco Chemical

Warehouse Design Coupled with Efficient Forklifts Positions Manufacturer for Growth

A Single Source for Increased Efficiency and Safety

Increase Capacity

Complete warehouse design services ensured that Webco Chemical’s racking system would handle their variable packaging and increase capacity by 1,000 pallet positions without compromising picking efficiency.

Implement Seamlessly

With forklifts designed to perform specific applications, the company’s operators quickly adapted to the new warehouse design and picking process.

Improve Efficiency

A fully integrated warehouse solution simplified the project for Webco Chemical and ensured that all of the components worked together seamlessly for maximum benefit.

“…What we wanted to do for picking efficiencies and operator efficiencies in terms of safety and ergonomics …we were able to accomplish that in this project.”


Mark Ruggeri

COO – Webco Chemical

Webco Chemical COO


Webco Chemical is a manufacturer and distributor of liquid and powder cleaning products located in Dudley, MA.  Since its establishment in 1966, the third generation, family-run company continues to serve the dairy farm industry. Additionally, the company manufactures and distributes personal cleaning products such as body washes, hand soaps and more.



The Webco Chemical warehouse is home to a wide range of packaged products with a wide variety of container shapes and sizes. This variability made it difficult to find the right racking solution and added to the complexity of the order picking process, often resulting in parts of the operation coming to a complete standstill. The company has continued to experience rapid growth and needed to improve efficiency in their storage and picking operations in order to handle more product and more customers. Management committed to making the necessary changes but had resigned themselves to working with multiple suppliers to make it happen.


Having purchased sit-down counterbalance trucks in the past, Webco Chemical spoke with their local Crown representative about reevaluating their existing fleet and learned that Crown’s Warehouse Solutions group could also provide the necessary design services, racking and equipment to complete the entire project. This single source solution ensured that all of the components would work together seamlessly and maximize the efficiency of the operation. 

The project expanded the number of pallet positions by 40 percent while the company’s former forklift fleet was transitioned to RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklifts, RM Series reach trucks and SP Series stockpickers, each designed to perform specific tasks. The added storage space and picking efficiency has enabled Webco Chemical to accommodate additional business growth without adding square footage.