City Furniture

InfoLink Operator and Fleet Management System Helps Improve Operator Safety

Improved Safety and Utilization Reduced Cost

Greater Uptime

Increased uptime and reduced cost with accurate pre-shift inspections and proactive maintenance.

Improved Safety

Reinforced operator training and safe behaviors with the InfoLink 7” Touch Display’s Dynamic Coaching feature.

Enhanced Utilization

Leveraged InfoLink fleet utilization data to make informed decisions regarding new fleet requirements, operator scheduling and process improvement.

"At the end of the day, the operators want to have the equipment as maintained as possible. We’re preventing further damage and maintenance costs by taking that piece of equipment at the time the incident’s noted and actually maintain it.”


David Clevenger

Senior Vice President of Fleet and DC Maintenance – City Furniture

City Furniture Senior Vice President


City Furniture is a forward-thinking furniture retailer with locations and showrooms that span south and central Florida. The company embraces new technology and environmental responsibility, even combining the two in some of its material-handling and distribution practices. Its delivery fleet, comprised of 100% compressed natural gas trucks, is just one example of its commitment to safe, productive and sustainable operations.


While City Furniture was always focused on operator safety in its facilities, it struggled to meet compliance and uptime goals with its manual inspection and maintenance processes. Inspections may not have been completed accurately or documented. As a result, unresolved maintenance issues led to unexpected downtime, and raised the potential of unsafe operating conditions for the operators. The downtime also negatively affected productivity, preventing operators from pursuing and achieving their productivity goals.

The company also experienced damage related to impacts, but incidents were difficult to identify and investigate for cause. It was a challenge to implement process changes or retraining opportunities to help prevent future impacts. City Furniture knew there was an opportunity to improve safety, reduce damage and increase overall uptime if it could capture better information about ongoing operations and lift truck health.


Crown’s InfoLink Operator and Fleet Management system with 7” Touch Display provided operators with a familiar touchscreen interface to streamline pre-shift inspections through on-screen visual cues, ensuring they were accurately completed. The increased accuracy enabled the company to quickly identify and address maintenance issues. It helped ensure that lift trucks were maintained for safe operation, which reduced unexpected downtime. Impacts, and their resulting damage, have decreased, and the company’s proactive approach to lift truck health has reduced maintenance costs and improved uptime.

In addition, the InfoLink system’s Dynamic Coaching feature continuously reinforces operator training by alerting for potential safety issues and reinforcing safe operating behaviors. It also provides detailed fleet utilization data, enabling the fast-growing company.