Bariani Olive Oil

Crown’s Powerful C-5 Series Maximizes Productivity and Efficiency

Maximize Forklift Efficiency

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

The productivity and efficiency of the C-5 Series enabled Bariani to reduce their forklift fleet while handling increasing demand.

Improve Operator Comfort

The C-5 Series’ ergonomics and convenient controls provide operators with all-day comfort during the harvest season’s long working hours.

Team Effort

The Crown support team provided a worry-free customer experience, from the selection and delivery of the forklift to application support and planned maintenance.

“Our busiest time of the year is during harvest time. We work 20-24 hours a day and the forklift is one of the major components of our process. We happily discovered just one forklift was doing the work of two forklifts.”

Sebastian Bariani

Owner – Bariani Olive Oil

Bariani Olive Oil owner


Bariani Olive Oil, located in Zamora, CA, is an organic olive oil producer that maintains their own farming and bottling systems. Operating on 180 acres, the family-run business produces about 40,000 gallons of registered and certified organic olive oil annually.



As a small family owned company, Bariani looks for every efficiency. During the busy harvest season, crews work 20-24 hours per day for months at a time, placing high demand on the company’s forklifts. The company previously relied on older counterbalance forklifts that were very inefficient. Bariani soon realized their forklifts were not able to keep pace with increasing demand.


After visiting Crown at the World Ag Fair in California, Bariani Olive Oil decided the Crown C-5 Series forklift was the best fit for their demanding environment. The durability, performance and ergonomics of the C-5 Series, matched with the Crown support team have enabled Bariani to increase its productivity and efficiency. The company happily discovered just one C-5 Series forklift was able to do the job of two of its previous forklifts.