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Crown SC Series Helps Improve Productivity

Boost Productivity up to 20 Percent

Greater Flexibility

The agility and adaptability of Crown's SC Series lift trucks provide performance while tackling a variety of tasks.

Increase Productivity

Excellent maneuverability coupled with high visibility helps improve operator productivity by 15 to 20 percent compared to previous forklifts.

Improve Safety

The InfoLink system has exceeded expectations in increasing safety awareness among operators.

“It's reliable, it's agile and it's flexible. It has power. It's hard to find all those components in one unit and the SC fits that."


Durga Bhoj

California Community News
Irwindale, CA

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California Community News provides a range of printing, inserting, packaging and distribution services for several newspaper and media companies including the Los Angeles Times Media Group. At its busy 325,000-square-foot production facility in Irwindale, Calif., millions of inserts and papers are printed and packaged each year. The success of the entire operation is dependent on an efficient material-handling system that includes transporting products, warehouse storage, and keeping processes running smoothly on the production floor.



With a busy schedule of nearly constant production and activity, California Community News needs a powerful and reliable forklift to meet production demands as well as one that is agile enough to move through a busy facility quickly and safely while being used for a multitude of tasks. On the production floor alone, operators need forklifts that are used 24 hours a day for five to six days per week. That's why they turned to Crown and found a solution in Crown's SC Series lift trucks.


The Crown SC Series counterbalance forklift checks all the boxes for California Community News, and the company benefits from its exceptional maneuverability. With its on-board Intrinsic Stability System, the SC Series assists the operator with precision handling and control based on steer angle, truck speed, load weight and lift height. Full visibility in all directions also helps operators improve productivity. In fact, there has been a 15 to 20 percent improvement in productivity compared to their previous forklift fleet. Utilizing Crown's optional InfoLink fleet management system has also enabled the company to effectively manage and document operator and fleet performance.

California Community News also relies on the long-term durability of the Crown SC Series to provide lasting value. From its heavy-duty chassis and rugged drive motors to its steel steer axle and strong l-Beam mast, the SC Series offers the power and reliability needed to withstand the unrelenting uptime the company's production schedule demands.