Hercules Industries

Increase Productivity and Efficiency with a Complete Material Handling System

A Total System of Racking, Forklifts and Service

Increase Efficiency

Increase productivity and efficiency by combining the right racking and lift truck for each application.

Maximize Uptime

Complete maintenance ensures every truck is properly maintained and on the job every shift.

Control Maintenance Costs

A fixed cost maintenance program eliminates unexpected expenses and helps protect the bottom line.

“We’re considerably more efficient today than we were and I think that’s very, very important.”

Rod Valdez

Manager of Operations – Hercules Industries

Manager of Operations at Hercules Industries


Hercules Industries, located in Denver, CO, is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high-quality HVAC sheet metal products and equipment. Since its establishment in 1962, the company has expanded to 18 retail centers and three manufacturing facilities servicing a large portion of the western United States. As Hercules Industries continued to expand, they relied on multiple branch locations to handle warehousing and distribution, utilizing a disparate fleet of sit-down counterbalance trucks.  Eventually they outgrew this decentralized approach and sought to capitalize on the potential efficiencies of a new centralized warehouse and distribution center. 



In the heart of their manufacturing campus, Hercules Industries built a modern 100,000 square foot distribution center. With a history of using a wide array of sit-down counterbalance forklifts for every task, having a “one-size fits all” forklift operation was no longer an option given the company’s increased order volumes. Hercules soon recognized the opportunity to optimize their forklift fleet with lift trucks for different applications.


Having relied on Crown for their forklift service, Hercules sought help in sourcing and installing their new warehouse racking as well as the lift trucks needed to stock, pick, process and replenish the materials flowing in and out of their warehouse. A combination of reach trucks and stockpickers enabled Hercules to configure the distribution center with narrow aisles to optimize space. The company also employs a wide range of electric pallet trucks and sit-down counterbalance forklifts as well as C-5 Series LPG forklifts to transport manufactured goods from the factory to the warehouse. Even the Crown Wave has a place in their operation, used for small parts picking. Hercules opted to have their fleet covered by a complete maintenance plan, enabling the company to have a fixed cost and reduced downtime.

Having the right type of racking, forklifts and maintenance for each application has helped Hercules fully optimize their operation, providing the increased efficiency and productivity required for their growing business.