Crown’s InfoLink Fleet Management System Provides Menasha with Scalable Solution for Tracking Fleet Information

Scalable Fleet Management Solutions

Increase Productivity

Replaced a paper-based manual recording system with a digital platform that collects data in real time.

Impact Alerts

The InfoLink system enabled fleet managers to instantly investigate and correct issues and reduce safety hazards.

Optimize Battery Efficiency

Menasha can actively track each battery’s condition and maintenance schedule and align capacity with each application with the InfoLink system.

“InfoLink has given us support in areas that we didn’t have before. So we’re very pleased with the outcome of that.”


Michael Santucci

Operations Engineering Manager – Menasha

ARI Packaging Operations Engineering Manager


Menasha is a provider of primary and secondary packaging services for large consumer product goods (CPG) companies. Over the course of 11 years the company has grown from 40,000 square feet to four locations totaling 1.5 million square feet. At the Minooka, IL site the main focus is Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays and end load cartons.



In its early days, the company began tracking forklift fleet information on paper. As the number of locations and forklifts began to expand, the manual, paper-based system couldn’t be scaled effectively to meet the needs of the business. Inaccurate data and delays in recording inhibited management’s ability to make appropriate decisions and to continue to plan effectively for the company’s ongoing growth. It was time to adopt an electronic system that could accurately record data not only about the forklifts themselves but also their movements within the warehouse.


After working with Crown to install warehouse racking and supply its forklift fleet, Menasha chose Crown’s InfoLink Fleet Management System to provide the real time data it needed to make appropriate decisions about its operation. With the InfoLink system, the company has been able to efficiently and accurately capture and report on the data that had been previously captured on paper, but they have found that the system is also able to provide information regarding stock movements and forklift battery utilization which previously was not available. This has provided the company with insight into previously undetected business trends and has also enabled it to maximize the battery efficiency of its entire fleet and monitor and decrease impacts to improve safety.