PEER Bearing

Make Informed Fleet Decisions and Improve Safety with Crown’s InfoLink System 

Fleet Management Based on Facts

Increase Efficiency

Real-time forklift and operator monitoring helped identify opportunities to adjust the fleet and maximize overall productivity

Ensure Compliance

Pre-shift inspections are electronically captured to help ensure every forklift is safe to operate and the company’s inspection system is OSHA compliant

Improve Safety

Impact detection has helped change operator mindsets, making safety a priority in their day to day operations

“Absolutely, we definitely have more visibility at PEER Bearing when it comes to using InfoLink. It’s our eyes where we don’t have eyes.”


Leo Linval

Assembly and Repack Supervisor – PEER Bearing

Peer Bearing Supervisor


PEER Bearing is a manufacturer of bearings for many industries, including agricultural, industrial transmission,  material handling and more. The company’s North American headquarters in Waukegan, IL contains a 200,000 square foot distribution center for bearings manufactured at its other facilities throughout the world. 


PEER Bearing’s forklift fleet includes a variety of Crown order pickers, reach trucks, stand up counterbalance trucks and very narrow aisle turret trucks among others, with each truck selected to perform specific tasks. As the company’s fleet grew, it became more challenging to determine how each lift truck was being utilized and whether the fleet contained the right mix of trucks to maximize productivity. In addition, with the company’s keen focus on safety, warehouse personnel were definitely interested in any tools that would help reinforce safe operating behavior. Management knew that there was a lot of data to be gathered, but had no way to effectively capture the information and package it to help them make informed decisions.  


PEER Bearing selected Crown’s InfoLink fleet and operator management system to help remove the guess work from its fleet management process. The InfoLink system enabled the company to capture operator and lift truck utilization data in real time and immediately determined that two order pickers were sitting idle during most of the shift. Management elected to exchange the order pickers for two RM Series reach trucks, which immediately boosted productivity. 

Operators have embraced the ability to electronically capture pre-shift inspection data without paperwork. They have also quickly acclimated to the InfoLink system’s ability to detect and report impacts and encourage safe operating practices throughout the warehouse.