United States Cold Storage

Durable and Ergonomic Forklift Design Optimizes Comfort and Efficiency

Smooth, Efficient Cold Storage Performance

Greater Visibility

The RMD Series’ MonoLift mast helps provide superior visibility at height as well as eye and ground level to improve operator safety and productivity.

Reduced Fatigue

The RC Series' FlexRide suspension reduces operator fatigue by absorbing shock when traveling over uneven surfaces, such as dock plates.

Efficient Performance

The ergonomic and operator-friendly design of the RMD and RC Series lift trucks enables operators to work efficiently throughout their entire shift.

“The Crown trucks have held up very well. They have been very durable. Overall we have been very pleased with the Crown experience.”


Charlie Kulp 

Chief Engineer – United States Cold Storage

U.S. Cold Storage Chief Engineer


For nearly a century, United States Cold Storage has been making a name for itself in the frozen and refrigerated storage industry, providing frozen and refrigerated storage, transportation and logistics services to some of the largest American and international food producers. In its busy 498,000 square foot frozen storage warehouse in Bethlehem, PA, the company employs 140 forklift operators working three shifts every day of the week, in temperatures ranging from negative five to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.



To support the company’s continual growth, United States Cold Storage makes the most of its warehouse space with high racking. The company needed to maximize productivity and efficiency in a warehouse where high reaches were commonplace and do so with a material-handling partner with the same dedication to safety that United States Cold Storage has championed for decades.  It also needed a durable lift truck to handle the rigors of a busy warehouse with a demanding 24/7 schedule and the harsh conditions of its temperature-controlled environment.


United States Cold Storage consulted with Crown dealer MHS Lift Inc. in Pennsauken, NJ and determined that Crown’s RMD Series reach truck would help solve its challenges. Crown’s innovative MonoLift mast provided the company with the ability to store larger capacities at height and provided operators a clear line of sight allowing them to confidently and safely perform the task of product put-away and retrieval at any height. Crown’s optional Xpress Lower feature also provided a boost in performance. United States Cold Storage reported a 40 percent increase in productivity versus using another lift truck in the warehouse.