Urban Evolutions

Crown C-5 Hard Cab Keeps Operators Comfortable All Year Long


A passion for creating something new from vintage materials propels Urban Evolutions, Inc. to supply reclaimed building materials, fixtures and a line of furnishings and accessories for homes and businesses throughout the United States and internationally. The company scours the country to rescue building materials, including flooring, timbers and siding for home restorations and new construction as well as custom fixtures and design solutions for high-end retail and commercial locations. The company takes pride in its slogan: Made in America – Again.

“Winter weather in Wisconsin used to restrict our daily operations but with the Crown C-5 with the hard cab, we can work in 90-degree heat in the summer and all day long in the winter, even in the snow.”


Lee Morey

Operations Manager - Urban Evolutions, Inc.


Urban Evolutions Operations Manager