WAV Series Work Assist Vehicle

The Mobility Revolution

The Wave, Crown's Work Assist Vehicle, delivers significant savings through application versatility and enhanced productivity and safety.

Crown's WAV Work Assist Vehicle is a productivity and safety solution for any application

Real Results

Crown Wave Boosts Safety And Productivity In Place Of Ladders
“I can’t imagine doing this job here without the Wave. We use it in so many different applications. It’s an incredible product to have. The only thing I would change here at the shop with the Wave is getting another one!”

-Justin Scribner, Owner

Operator on a WAVE WorkAssist Vehicle from Crown

Do Twice the Work

The Wave Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary, mobile productivity tool that allows one person to safely and efficiently accomplish the work of two, traveling twice as fast as the average walking speed.

  • Reach working heights of up to 17 feet supported by a four-point safety system

  • Travel up to 5 miles per hour to reduce downtime between worksites

  • Simultaneously elevate operator and load for smoother, more efficient workflows

  • Maneuver through tight aisles and doorways as narrow as 32 inches

Safety at Every Turn  

The Wave’s built-in system of protection and control starts the moment the operators turns the key switch. Crown’s Access 1 2 3 System coordinates a functional display, manages lift/lower operations and controls travel speeds, steering and braking. 

The Wave's four point safety system provides enhanced operator control and safety.

Interlocking gates must be closed to raise or lower above 20 inches.

Operator in interlocking gates on WAVE series

Safety sensors below the platform disable raise, lower and travel if someone or something applies pressure to the motor cover located below the platform.

Wave series platform sensors

Hand sensors ensure the operator has both hands on the controls for normal travel and lift functions.

Close up of Wave series hand sensors

Dual foot pedals include sensors to ensure the operator has both feet properly positioned on the platform. The Wave automatically stops travel and lift/lower functions if either foot is removed.

Operator using Wave series dual foot pedals

Productivity that Pays for Itself

Experience a world without the risks of traditional ladders; employee falls and injuries, costly worker compensation claims, expenses of lost time and productivity, and expensive product damage.

Many Wave customers report a complete return on investment within one year of purchase.

Reduced operational expense
Reduced worker’s compensation cost
Reduced lost-time expense
Reduced product handling and damage costs
Man utilizing the WAV WorkAssist Vehicle to stock items in a warehouse setting.

Flexibility to Handle Virtually any Application

Nearly every application that involves the movement of people or products can benefit from the Wave’s time- and labor-saving advantages. It is ideal for operations in busy, confined spaces where workers move with short and long travel runs, and where small loads are handled.

WAV Series Model Types

Order Picker/Work Assist Vehicle
Order Picker/Work Assist Vehicle

The WAV Series is designed to elevate one operator and a load to reach up to 17 feet and navigate tight aisles and doorways.

Key Options and Accessories

Power load tray has infinite positions and the operator can automatically adjust the tray for flexibility with any load.

Wave power load tray

Flashing lights can be used to emphasize the presence of a lift truck in the area.

Wave series strobe lights

The retractable charger cord reel enhances the convenience of the Wave’s on-board battery charger.

Retractable charger cord reel on the Wave work assist vehicle

Mast storage bins offer a unique storage solution without compromising load tray space.

Wave mast storage bins

Work lights are available for applications with poor lighting to enhance visibility.

Wave series work lights

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty