V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems

Power Meets Performance

Compared to lead-acid batteries, the improved efficiency and longer run time of lithium-ion technology can save substantial time and money through increased productivity, smarter use of resources and a lower cost of ownership.


Fully Integrated to Achieve Better Performance

Charging Port

Convenient lateral charge ports allow for quick and easy opportunity charging without removing the battery from the lift truck.

Control Panel

On-truck displays show discharge levels and event codes without the need for an additional display, promoting ease of service and protecting battery life.

Lithium Ion Battery

Battery management system helps extend battery life by preventing operation outside of warrantied conditions.

VHFM3 Battery Charger

The high-frequency charger simplifies the charging process by communicating with the battery management system to ensure proper charging.

Longer Run Time, Longer Life

The V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems are ideal for multi-shift operations because they readily accept frequent opportunity charging at high recharge rates throughout each shift, without risking any damage to the battery. With opportunity charging during breaks and shift changes, the V-Force Lithium-Ion ESS:

No Swap Icon

Handles one shift or multiple
shifts with no need for extra batteries or the downtime
required to change them.

Battery Icon

Increases uptime, enabling one battery to achieve more run time in a 24-hour period.

Out performance Icon

Outperforms lead-acid batteries, saving replacement and service costs over time.

Low Temperatures Icon

Lithium-ion battery technology better maintains voltage and capacity in low temperature environments.

Lower Maintenance, Lower Costs

Lithium-ion technology virtually eliminates the time-consuming and hazardous tasks associated with lead-acid batteries.

  • No battery swapping
  • No battery watering
  • No special battery rooms
  • No employee exposure to harmful acids and vapors
V-Force Battery
Battery Charger

The Battery Charger for
Today and Tomorrow

The V-Force V-HFM3 high-frequency charger is a modular, scalable solution that supports multiple battery technologies, including Lithium-Ion. Efficient in both size and energy usage, it features up to 97 percent efficiency, helping reduce power consumption and cost.

  • Multi-voltage capability from 24v-96v to charge any lift truck battery in your operation
  • Connected capability for remote management and enhanced reporting and control

Support You Can Count On

With a nationwide network of service locations, Crown offers integrated support solutions for lift trucks, chargers and batteries. Ask Crown about an individualised energy consultation and receive recommendations based on your specific needs and goals.

Trucks with V-Force Batteries