Con-Lash Supplies

Crown Equipment Helps
Con-Lash Run a Tight Ship

Efficiency, Reliability, Comfort and Crown Service Levels 

Improve Efficiency

The performance of the RR Series, coupled with the top-level support from Crown, improves efficiency and helps reduce cost.

Maximise Productivity

The Crown RR Series’ stability and pantograph reach mechanism has measurably increased available storage and productivity – by around 20 per cent.

Team Effort

Quality back-up support from Crown helps maintain the benefits of the RR Series’ function and efficiency, allowing Con-Lash to focus on supporting its customers.

“We estimate that the RRs have increased our material handling productivity by about 20 per cent compared to other brands we’ve tried.”


Andrew Ng

Warehouse Manager, Con-Lash Supplies

Con-Lash Warehouse Manager


Con-Lash Supplies, which for over 30 years has been managing and delivering consumer goods from around the world for consumption on ships travelling the globe, runs a busy material handling operation at its strategically located Tuas warehouse in Singapore. Its operation includes the storage and despatch of goods in ambient and cold room conditions. 



Con-Lash required a fleet of reach trucks capable of maximising the space available at its warehouse which added a number of benefits including; stability, ease of use, safety and reliability. It also wanted to deal with a material handling equipment provider capable of offering the right level of service to keep its reach trucks in optimal condition for a busy schedule. 


Con-Lash’s relationship with Crown began in 2008 following an evaluation of the reach trucks available on the market in Singapore. The company’s material handling fleet now includes three Crown RR 5700 Series rider reach trucks, which were selected due to their efficiency, reliability, comfort and Crown service levels.