Crown Integrity Parts

Proven Performance

Our quality makes us different and in the end delivers the lowest cost. The Crown Integrity Parts System guarantees original equipment parts for your Crown lift trucks. As a manufacturer that guarantees, services and supports our Crown lift trucks, we see the consequences of using look-alike forklift parts.  

The Integrity Parts Advantage


While Crown Integrity Parts may cost slightly more than look-alike forklift parts, they typically last two to three times longer. The more frequently you replace a part, the more expensive it becomes. Your frequency of consumption is a very real part of your total cost of ownership. 

When you start up your system of performance and savings by choosing Crown Integrity Parts, you can expect:


Exceptionally longer parts life, giving you the biggest savings possible on forklift parts
Less downtime, due to our proven, reliable performance
Easier, faster parts replacement, due to Crown's system design and support
Lower labour costs driven by parts reliability, fit, documentation and support
A longer life for your Crown lift truck and the advantages of the highest performance available

On-Site Consignment Program

Crown provides an inventory of parts at the customer facility.

Our consignment program provides inventory of Crown parts in the customer facility on a pay-as-used basis. This allows customers to reduce costs by eliminating inventory management, parts procurement labour costs, parts obsolescence loss, freight costs and downtime.


Man scans inventory of Crown replacement parts
Employees work to help fleet owners save on maintenance costs

Parts Usage Analysis 

The cost of replacement parts can account for up to 50 percent of total maintenance costs. Working in partnership with your Crown branch, a routine overview of your parts usage is provided to your maintenance management people.

This provides the fleet owner with a detailed understanding of the most significant elements of fleet maintenance costs, along with recommendations for cost reduction and increased uptime.

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