Crown Retail Network

Crown manages an extensive global sales and service network to meet customer needs anytime, anywhere. 

Our network includes more than 500 retail locations in over 80 countries and spans the continents of North America, Europe and Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region, and in the countries of Brazil and China. Each location offers products and services uniquely tailored to the local market while providing a consistent customer experience worldwide.


Crown Locations in the UK

Crown Lift Trucks - Basingstoke  |  phone 0845 850 9276  |  more information

Crown Lift Trucks - Birmingham  |  phone 0845 850 9286  |  more information

Crown Lift Trucks - Warrington  |  phone 0845 850 9280  |  more information

Crown Lift Trucks - Scotland  |  phone 0845 850 9265  |  more information