Tow Tractor – TC Series

The Crown Tow Tractor was Engineered for Performance

When your material flow depends on a tow tractor, there is no better choice than the reliable and durable TC Series from Crown – designed from the ground up to deliver consistent performance.

tow tractor TC Series
the TC tow tractor offers smooth operational control

In Total Control

Crown's Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control provides smooth, safe operational control by continuously monitoring and adjusting the tow tractor to the working environment.

The TC Series uses electronic steering to improve control and reduce operator effort.

The award-winning X10 control handle places all tow truck functions right at the operator’s fingertips.

Optimise the Order Picking Process

For high-density order picking and fulfilment applications, Crown’s exclusive QuickPick Remote order picking technology automates tasks to simplify your workflow. Operators can advance the tow tractor to the optimal position with the simple press of a button.

• Save time

• Reduce risk

• Increase productivity

the tow tractor TC with QuickPick Remote
the TC tow tractor delivers optimum productivity

Consistent Tow Tractor Performance

The Crown TC Series tow tractor is engineered to provide the best of forklift and operator performance for optimum productivity.

Crown’s e-GEN braking system uses the power of the high-torque traction motor to provide consistent, reliable, long-term braking performance.

This virtually maintenance-free, frictionless braking system eliminates the need for adjustments and reduces service and parts costs.

Smart Tools

Crown analysed a complete range of transport and picking tasks and then designed a range of accessories to enhance convenience, comfort, safety and productivity of the tow tractor.

Crown’s Work Assist accessories include a universal mounting system that makes it easy to attach and combine items such as storage pockets, clip pads, load trays, data monitors, trash bag holders and drink holder.

the tow tractor TC with productivity-enhancing accessories
the tow tractor TC is designed for lasting value

Lasting Value 

Crown’s TC tow tractor delivers long-term value like no other.

The TC Series incorporates a robust, reliable design driven by real world application needs. To prove each tow tractor and component, Crown uses extensive testing in both the lab and warehouse.

With Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

TC Series Model Types

tow tractor TC 3000
Tow Tractor

The TC tow tractor features a robust, reliable design driven by real-world application needs. Boost productivity and uptime with this tow tractor.

Options and Accessories

Lithium-ion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

the tow tractor TC can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries

The fold-down lean seat provides postural relief for long travel distances to keep operators comfortable and ensure exceptional performance.

tow tractor TC with fold-down lean seat

Hitch Position Control allows the operator to slowly move the tow tractor forward or backward while viewing the hitch for easier coupling of trailers.

tow tractor TC with hitch position control

Various tow couplers can be attached using the mounting plate and can be adjusted at 45 mm (55 mm) increments.

the TC tow tractor is available with various tow couplers