VNA Truck - TSP Series

Purpose-Built for Elevated Results

Crown builds each VNA truck to fit the specific requirements of your application.

With advanced technology, exceptional travel, lift and lower speeds, load capacities and lift heights - supported by an industry-leading, heavy-duty mast - the new TSP Series enables you to achieve sustained high-performance results.

VNA truck TSP Series
TSP VNA trucks are designed to each customer's specifications and needs

Our Consultative Approach

Crown builds each VNA truck to the unique specifications of your application and your business objectives.

Our consultative approach ensures that your turret truck or fleet meets these needs by focusing on three main criteria:

Facilities: Aisle strategy, ceiling and rack heights

Load handling: Size, weight, shape and consistency of pallet loads, and racking configurations

Performance potential: Simulate scenarios for cost, benefits, and outcomes

Crown's exclusive technology-based tools, TSP SureSpec and TSP Estimator help explore these factors to specify the right truck, define the optimal fleet size, and deliver targeted performance results.

Achieve Capacity at Height     

Crown’s exclusive MonoLift Mast makes it possible to move exceptional capacities to impressive heights with confidence. The strengthened, boxed-in sections and heavy-gauge steel construction minimise twisting and swaying - especially when compared to traditional, dual-upright masts.

The simultaneous blending of main and auxiliary mast hydraulic functions combined with telescopic forks and exceptional travel/lift speeds optimise movement to get loads where they need to go - easily and efficiently.

Crown's OnTrac anti-slip traction control reduces tyre spin during acceleration, plugging and braking, resulting in shorter stopping distances, longer tyre life and enhanced operator confidence.

the TSP VNA truck features Crown's exclusive closed-section mast

Operator-Assist Technology to Boost VNA Truck Performance 

The TSP Series can be equipped with advanced operator-assist options that enable more efficient operation. Enhance operator confidence and performance with increased pick accuracy, flexibility, and safety as well as reduced operator fatigue.

The Auto Positioning System blends travel and lift functions to enable the VNA truck to take the most effective route to a designated rack location, increasing productivity by up to 25 percent.

The TSP Series’ Auto Fence slows or stops travel and can limit lift height within the guided very narrow aisle based on the location of the VNA truck.

Built-in Intelligence

The TSP Series VNA truck is built with safety in mind.
Intelligent systems provide contextual guidance to help increase operator awareness and provide a safe and productive environment when working 17 metres in the air. 

Operator-Centric Environment

Exceptional comfort, control, and flexibility enable operators to perform with confidence, all shift long.


The combination of the MonoLift Mast and the 90-degree seat position offers excellent power-unit-first visibility without compromising operator comfort and control.

TSP VNA truck provides unmatched visibility

The operator compartment offers exceptional ergonomics and flexiblity with a large floorboard, a sturdy front rail to protect against intrusion, a fully adjustable, rotating, fold-up seat, personalised truck display, multiple storage compartments, and power ports.

TSP VNA truck provides unmatched operator comfort and flexibility

The independant swivel seat allows for -20°, 0°, 60° and 90° operating positions and features 190 mm height adjustability. The seat bottom and backrest also swivel independently.

The seat features fully integrated right- and left-hand controls.

It folds up so that operators can efficiently accomplish standing tasks.

TSP VNA truck features the exclusive MoveControl Seat

Intuitive, blended controls provide precision on demand. The controls follow the operator regardless of seat position for uninterrupted workflow. The position of the armrests can be adjusted for each task.

Both armrests feature a standard display navigation knob for easy control of the truck display from the seat.

TSP VNA truck provides unmatched precision and control
TSP VNA truck provides unmatched visibility
the TSP VNA truck is designed for maximum uptime

Smarter System, Longer Uptime        

VNA trucks are important investments for the productivity of your operation.

Optimum uptime and performance are critical. That's why the TSP Series offers a combination of robust construction and advanced technology to deliver the serviceability and reliability required for success.

  • Heavy-duty steel frame and covers
  • Separate electronics and hydraulic systems
  • Wireless software downloads
  • Easy-to-adjust settings
  • Step-by-step calibration instructions
  • Gena analyser to view inputs and outputs of individual system components
  • Easy-access covers, panels, and skirt door

TSP Series Model Types

VNA truck TSP 1000
VNA Truck - 1000 Series

The TSP 1000 Series has a maximum lift height of 13485 mm and offers versatility in a VNA truck to handle a wide range of warehousing challenges, including full pallet handling and case picking.

  • Load Capacity

    1000 - 1500 kg

  • Power

    48 V / 775 - 1395 Ah

  • Max Lift Height

    13485 mm

  • Max. Platform Lift Height

    12140 mm

VNA truck TSP 1500
VNA Truck - 1500 Series

The TSP 1500 Series VNA truck allows operators to move more product in and out of the warehouse. The MonoLift mast provides excellent visibility and stability all the way to 17145 mm.

  • Load Capacity

    1000 - 1500 kg

  • Power

    80 V / 465 - 930 Ah

  • Max Lift Height

    17145 mm

  • Max. Platform Lift Height

    15800 mm

Options and Accessories

Wire or rail guidance automates steering control, allowing for minimal aisle widths.

the TSP VNA truck is available with wire or rail guidance

The in-aisle pedestrian detection system automatically detects the presence of pedestrians and objects that are in proximity to the truck and alerts the operator.

the TSP VNA truck is available with Pedestrian Detection System

The spacious enclosed freezer cabin provides a heated, comfortable work environment in temperature extreme applications. The cabin also affords exceptional visibility that contributes to operator productivity and shift endurance.

the TSP VNA truck is available with an enclosed freezer cabin

A WMS terminal can be mounted on the standard vertical Work Assist tube, or to either of the standard tubes built into the overhead guard.

the TSP VNA truck is available with power source and mounting brackets for WMS terminal

The light options include LED work lights, overhead LED dome lights, various strobe lights and a blue floor spotlight.

the VNA truck TSP is available with several light options

V-Force lithium-ion batteries can improve performance and productivity. They offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries, or special rooms for charging.

the VNA truck TSP is available with lithium-ion batteries
the TSP VNA truck is available with wire or rail guidance