Forklift Rentals

Right Truck. Right Now.

Crown offers a comprehensive range of forklift rental options to meet the needs of virtually any customer.

Complete Selection of Forklift Rentals

Our nationwide fleet of rental trucks provides you with a broad selection of forklifts, pallet trucks and specialty lift trucks, delivered on time and on spec. 

WP series pallet truck
Pallet Trucks

Ideal for manoeuvring heavy loads in tight spaces with precision and confidence.

ST series walkie stacker truck

Designed to help move and lift pallets in storerooms and small warehouses.

SP series man-up truck
Man-up Trucks

For lifting and stacking pallet loads at higher lift heights in narrow aisles.

RR series reach truck
Reach Trucks

Designed to work in narrow aisles with extended reach and precision.

SC series counterbalance truck
Counterbalance Forklifts

Gas or electric options for indoor use – inside the warehouse – or outdoor use, even in rugged terrain.

TR series tow tractor
Tow Tractors

Used to pull carts as a train to transport materials or as a low-level order picker.

Forklift operator packs a pallet on an elevated Crown Stockpicker

Rental Forklifts On Your Terms

Whether you need a rental forklift for one day or five years, Crown has a solution for you.  We have you covered for seasonal peaks, stock-takes, backlogs and special projects with short and long term rental options that fit your specific requirements.

Fast Rental Solutions. Guaranteed. 

Unexpected increases in warehouse activity require a quick solution. Rental Express, the fast track to forklift rental solutions, guarantees same day delivery when requested by 11 a.m. or the first day is free.

Forklift operator on Crown SC counterbalance truck
Forklift operator on Crown ST truck

Reliable Solutions That Improve Performance

You can count on Crown to provide the same level of performance whether you rent or purchase. All Crown forklifts feature heavy-duty designs for demanding applications.

We actively manage the turnover of our rental fleet and monitor each truck’s performance throughout its life cycle. Rental forklifts are maintained to the industry’s highest standards and undergo comprehensive pre-rental inspections to ensure consistent performance and reliable operations.