Gas Forklifts - C-G Series

C-G Series LPG Forklifts are Reliable and Versatile

The Crown C-G Series gas forklifts are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use in rugged applications. Dependable LPG engines deliver powerful, fuel-efficient performance – compliant with the latest exhaust emission regulations (EU Stage 5).

The LPG forklifts are available with load capacities from 2.0 to 5.5 tons.

gas forklifts C-G Series
C-G gasl forklifts increase your productivity

Strength and Productivity in Harsh Conditions

Do you operate under extreme conditions? The C-G Series gas forklifts are designed to excel on rugged terrain as well as in extremely dusty, humid, hot, or cold outdoor applications. They provide the right combination of strength, reliability, and application flexibility to help boost your productivity in many challenging industries such as recycling, chemical, building materials, or metal processing.

Powerful and dependable LPG engines provide high torque at low engine speeds for applications requiring ramp loading and unloading, fast lift speeds, or heavy hydraulic flow.

Economic or standard? With two different operating modes you can choose your preferred level of energy efficiency.

Performance and Longevity

Built with durable parts and components, the C-G Series gas forklifts are designed to deliver power and performance when you need it.

The C-G Series' 62 HP and 94 HP LPG engines are certified to the stringent European Stage V emission standard.

Thanks to hydraulic lash adjusters the valve train is virtually maintenance-free. A premium camshaft and balance shaft belts help not only extend service intervals but also reduce noise.

C-G gas forklifts feature powerful lpg engines

The combination of a large capacity radiator and the special counterweight design optimises airflow to improve cooling capabilities and increases uptime in heavy-duty applications.

A heavy-duty dual element air cleaner provides advanced protection against engine contamination. The elements are easily accessible through a clip-on cover.

C-G gas forklifts feature superb cooling performance

Oil-cooled disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power and long lifespan and are virtually maintenance-free.

Brake assemblies are fully enclosed to prevent outside contamination.

C-G gas forklifts feature oil-cooled disc brakes

Large steering spindles with king pin and sealed taper roller bearings are designed to absorb impact and keep moving parts free of contamination.

A thick cast iron axle beam offers strength and durability.

C-G gas forklifts feature a robust steer axle
C-G gas forklifts feature powerful lpg engines
C-G gas forklifts offer productivity-enhancing ergonomics

Designed with the Operator in Mind

The C-G Series gas forklifts take productivity to the next level without compromising safety, comfort, and control. Enhanced ergonomic features reduce operator fatigue and strain, even in the most demanding applications:

  • The spacious operator compartment with adjustable steer column offers plenty of legroom and headroom.
  • A wide, anti-slip, and low step together with an entry handle allow for quick and easy entry/exit.
  • Integrated storage compartments with 12 V electrical outlet place frequently used tools and accessories within easy reach.
  • The clear-view mast, the low dashboard, the overhead guard design, and optional panoramic rear-view mirrors provide excellent visibility.
  • Ergonomic controls and easy-to-read LCD display are within easy reach.

Tailored to Your Application

With load capacities from 2.0 to 5.5 tons and various standard and optional features, the C-G Series LPG forklifts are a great match for a wide range of demanding applications.

From features that protect critical components in extremely harsh environments to carriage options that handle various load types, these IC forklifts can be optimised to fit the requirements of your operation.

C-G Series Model Types

Gas Forklifts C-G 20-35 Series
Gas Forklifts C-G 20-35 Series

The C-G 20-35 Series LPG-powered forklifts are robust, durable performers, ideal for dock work and transport in rugged environments.

  • Load Capacity

    2000 - 3500 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    6010 mm

  • Power

    45.4 kW

  • Engine

    2359 cm3 inline 4 CYL LPG

Gas Forklifts C-G 35-55 Series
Gas Forklifts C-G 35-55 Series

With load capacities of up to 5.5 tons, the C-G 35-55 Series LPG-powered forklifts are perfectly suited for multi-shift operation in harsh applications.

  • Load Capacity

    3500 - 5500 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    6050 mm

  • Power

    69 kW

  • Engine

    3769 cm3 inline 4 CYL LPG

Options and Accessories

Four adaptable modular cabin options are available for the C-G Series gas forklifts, providing comfort and protection for the operator in extreme environments.

Options for air conditioning (C-G 35-55 Series only), heater, panoramic mirror, fan and rearview camera enhance the operator experience.

C-G gas forklifts are available with 4 adaptable cabin options

Ergonomic fingertip controls are available for models of the C-G 35-55 Series, providing quick, comfortable, and precise control of all hydraulic functions.

C-G gas forklifts are available with fingertip controls

The light options include LED front worklights with turn signals, LED rear worklights, and flashing light.

for C-G gas forklifts various light options are available

The premium full suspension Grammer comfort seat can accommodate individual operator preferences.

An optional integrated heating system is also available.

C-G gas forklifts are available with full suspension comfort seat
C-G gas forklifts are available with 4 adaptable cabin options