Order Picker with Mast – MPC Series

With the MPC Order Picker the Exception is Now Standard

You could buy four different forklift trucks for order picking, stacking, replenishment and pallet transport or you could invest in one truck that does it all – the MPC Series order picker with mast.

order picker with mast MPC Series

Application Versatility

The MPC Series owes its versatility to a high-lift mast and counterbalance design. Whether you are working close to machinery, handling 4-way pallets, manoeuvring in congested areas or filling a rack - this order picker with mast can handle it all. 

Perfect ergonomic lift heights for any picking task 

MPC order picker with mast in an order picking application

Travel speeds of up to 12.5 km/h and speed control in curves 

MPC order picker with mast features travel speeds of 12.5 km/h

Flexibility to stack multiple pallets to reduce required floor space

the MPC order picker with mast can stack multiple pallets

Lift heights of up to 4.3 metres allowing operators to let down pallets as needed

MPC order picker with mast can be used for replenishment
MPC order picker with mast in an order picking application
MPC order picker with mast offers best-in-class ergonomic features

Ergonomic, Smooth, Safe

Crown engineers designed the MPC order picker with outstanding visibility, manoeuvrability and control. A low step height simplifies on/off tasks. 

Smooth, responsive acceleration and braking as well as the ergonomic full-suspension platform give operators more confidence for safer operation.

Plus there’s solid-steel protection all around. 

Optimise the Order Picking Process

For high-density order picking applications, Crown’s exclusive QuickPick Remote order picking technology automates tasks to simplify your workflow. Operators can advance the truck to the optimal picking position with the simple press of a button.

• Save time

• Reduce risk

• Increase productivity

For customers anticipating future workflow automation needs, the MPC Series can be ordered with a QuickPick Remote-ready option to ensure that the vehicle can be retrofitted at a later stage.

the MPC order picker with QuickPick Remote
the MPC order picker with mast delivers strong performance

The MPC Order Picker is Engineered for Reliable Performance

The MPC order picker with mast features a robust, reliable design that can stand up to the most intensive use. 

We’ve combined the chassis of our award winning low-level order picker with an I-beam mast and rugged ISO Class 2A fork carriage for strength and flexibility.

Strong performance and low energy consumption is achieved through Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control, AC motors, e-GEN braking system and electronic steering.

With Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

MPC Series Model Types

order picker with mast MPC 3040
Order Picker with Mast

The MPC order picker offers greater flexibility with its counterbalance design and high-lift mast.

  • Load Capacity

    1200 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    4300 mm

  • Power

    24 V / 620 Ah

  • Head Length

    1616 - 1691 mm

  • Width Overall

    1063 mm

  • Fork Length

    1150 mm

Lodge Manufacturing

More Than Doubled
Picking Capacity with
MPC Series Order Pickers

Options and Accessories

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity. They offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

the MPC order picker can be equipped with V-Force lithium-ion batteries

Lift and lower buttons in the backrest offer better vantage points for positioning loads – both on and off the order picker. 

the MPC order picker is available with lift/lower buttons in backrest

The fold-down lean seat provides postural relief for long travel distances to keep operators comfortable and ensure exceptional performance.

MPC order picker with fold-down lean seat

The plexiglass cover provides additional operator protection without blocking upward visibility.

MPC order picker with plexiglass protection for overhead guard

The rubber bumper provides extra protection to the order picker's apron and chassis in high traffic environments.

MPC order picker with rubber bumper

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator’s job faster, easier and more productive. The extensive range of accessories includes features such as magnetic storage trays, soft writing mats, load trays, clipboards, trash bag holder and beverage holder.

Alongside the tried-and-tested Work Assist accessory tubes, a front version with integrated cable management is available, allowing power-supplied accessories to be mounted on the tube for better accessibility and visibility.

MPC order picker with Work Assist accessories

Rear-view mirrors provide greater visibility for the operator without frequent twisting and turning.

order picker with mast MPC with rear-view mirrow
the MPC order picker can be equipped with V-Force lithium-ion batteries