Reach Truck - ESR Series

Crown Reach Trucks Deliver Value All Around

The best reach truck moves products in and out of your facility quickly, easily, safely and economically. That’s where the value of the ESR Series begins.

reach truck ESR Series

Focused on Performance   

The Crown ESR Series reach truck offers a range of lift heights, capacities, performance levels and operator features aligned with your required duty cycle. 

Operators gain confidence and performance with Crown’s intelligent Optimised Cornering Speed (OCS) system that automatically adjusts acceleration and deceleration curves for maximum safety and performance. 

The ESR Series provides smooth and precise control of hydraulic functions and a full range of standard and optional features designed to increase operator efficiency. 

the ESR reach truck offers maximum performance and safety
reach truck ESR Series: 4 models, 3 capacities and 13.5-metre lift height

One Flexible Solution  

With four models in three capacities and lift heights to over 13.5 metres, the ESR Series reach truck provides the flexibility to address various rack set-ups, space constraints, environmental extremes and more. A streamlined design helps operators move in and out of drive-in racks with greater ease and efficiency. 

From the value-packed ESR 5220 to the top-performing ESR 5280S, you’ll find a reach truck to match your performance, aisle width and lift height requirements. 

Comfort Drives Productivity

Ergonomics play a vital role in many aspects of the ESR Series reach truck. From controls to comfort, the goal is to improve productivity with every move. 

For example, Crown’s exclusive swivelling MoveSeat with integrated headrest, tilts back to comfortably improve visibility while reducing back and neck stress.

Take the controls and feel the smooth and efficient movements in any direction; driving, manoeuvring, lifting and reaching.

the ESR reach truck offers unsurpassed ergonomic advantages
the ESR reach truck delivers long term value

The ESR Reach Truck Offers Lasting Value     

Crown’s ESR Series reach truck delivers long term value like no other. 

Crown designs and manufactures AC traction and hydraulic pump motors to optimise reach truck performance, energy savings and reduce maintenance. These large and robust motors offer reliable power – running cooler in the most demanding applications. 

With Crown’s unique vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

Into the Cold With Optimised Performance

The ESR reach truck with Cold Store Cabin option is designed for the extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions of freezer applications. It does much more than keep the operator warm. Cold conditioning starts with the reach truck itself. For protection in harsh environments, we coat chassis seams and studs with a wax-based corrosion preventative compound. In addition, we apply silicon sealer to all exposed electrical connections, give the motor compartment an additional layer of paint and use clear varnish to protect steel components in the motor compartment. 

The rugged cabin structure, featuring profiled steel tubing, protects both the operator and your reach truck. 

A fully featured, thermostat-controlled heating system and airtight windows with heaters maintain a temperature-controlled environment.

The Cold Store Cabin option is available only on reach truck model ESR 5260.

ESR reach truck with cold store cabin

ESR Series Model Types

reach truck with narrow chassis ESR 5220
Reach Truck with Narrow Chassis

The ESR reach truck with narrow chassis is ideal for confined spaces, block stacking applications and narrow rack aisles.

reach truck ESR 5240
Reach Truck with Standard Chassis

The ESR reach truck with standard chassis is a value-packed solution that doesn't compromise on durability or operator comfort.

reach truck ESR 5260
Heavy-Duty Reach Truck

Designed for heavier loads, higher lift heights and greater throughput, the heavy duty ESR reach truck is also available with a cold store cabin option.

reach truck S-Class ESR 5280S
Reach Truck S-Class

This top performing reach truck features an extra-large operator compartment ergnomically designed to enhance comfort and productivity at the highest duty cycles.

Options and Accessories

Lithium-ion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

the ESR reach truck can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries

The high-level performance package includes integrated lift height and load weight indicator, rack height select, free lift indicator, Tilt Position Assist and Capacity Data Monitor and offers precise and efficient handling at heights.

for the ESR reach truck a high-level performance package is available

The camera (mast or fork mounted) and colour monitor improve the operator's visibility at height.

ESR reach truck with colour camera system

The spacious enclosed freezer cabin provides a heated, comfortable work environment in temperature extreme applications (-30°C). The cabin also affords exceptional visibility that contributes to operator productivity and shift endurance. (available on model ESR 5260)

ESR reach truck with freezer cabin

A choice of multi-task, fingertip or dual level hydraulic controls allows you to customise your reach truck based on application needs and operator preference.

the ESR reach truck is available with a choice of hydraulic controls

This optional, more narrow overhead guard provides operator protection in drive-in rack applications. 

ESR reach truck with drive-in rack overhead guard