Connected Reach Truck - ESR Series

How Performance Gets Real with the Connected ESR Reach Truck

Crown's new ESR Series reach truck featuring the Gena operating system delivers valued features and leading reliability designed to meet the most challenging applications. You get real performance with features such as Xpress Lower, Super Duty Mast, Auto Height Select, Capacity Data Monitor, OnTrac anti-slip traction control and valuable operational data via InfoLink fleet management.

Welcome to a smarter, more efficient way to keep moving toward the future.

connected reach truck ESR Series
the connected ESR reach truck features the Gena operating system

Clear and Concise Help at Hand

The Gena operating system gives you a data-rich user experience that's more human, personalised and interactive. Connectivity brings it all together, simplifying the implementation of new technologies to build on what you have.

On a connected ESR reach truck, operators can deliver higher levels of throughput. The Gena user experience is designed to let operators easily adapt the 7 inch colour touchscreen for the specific task at hand – with over 25 language options and 13 widgets.

Service engineers benefit from detailed event histories for all reach truck functions. They can use the truck display for enhanced diagnostics, including step-by-step troubleshooting, setup and calibration.

Crown's InfoLink Fleet Management system uses Gena to give managers a rich source of performance data. Your connected reach truck helps you precisely monitor and manage compliance, impacts and productivity.

Work Smarter and Faster at Height

On the ESR reach truck, operators work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity. Advanced hydraulics and motors, programmable features, intuitive displays, one-touch controls and camera options all work together to optimise performance.

  • Crown's optional Xpress Lower technology lets you double lowering speeds, resulting in substantial savings in time and money.
  • The optional Auto Height Select (AHS) feature automatically stops the forks at programmed rack heights to avoid product, rack and truck damage while improving throughput.
  • The Tilt Position Assist (TPA) option compensates for mast and carriage deflection and automatically levels forks relative to the ground for more precise positioning.
the connected reach truck ESR enables operators to work smarter and faster at height

Make it Personal

Ergonomics and personalisation play a vital role in improving productivity.
Operators of the connected ESR reach truck can choose the optimal position for control, visibility and workflow.

Adjustability features of the ESR include suspension seat height/weight settings; forward/reverse seat adjustments; seat tilt and lumbar support; D4 Armrest height and horizontal adjustments; steering tiller height and horizontal adjustments; and display screen inclination.

the ESR reach truck offers unsurpassed adjustability features

The reach truck's offset mast gives the operator a better view of the load wheel, fork and pallet. Optional panoramic glass maximises visibility and provides a superior debris shield.

the ESR reach truck offers maximised visibility

Integrated into the armrest, the optional display navigation knob provides a convenient alternative to the touchscreen.

Accessories such as worklights and seat heater are controlled from auxiliary switches in the armrest control panel.

the ESR reach truck features an optional navigation knob

The D4 Armrest provides operators four dimensions of innovation: adjustability, ergonomic comfort, unique design and adaptability.

A choice of fingertip, dual lever or multi-task controls allows you to customise your reach truck based on application needs and operator preference.

the ESR reach truck is available with a choice of hydraulic controls

Dynamic Coaching, an exclusive InfoLink feature, offers real-time visual and audio alerts designed to help operators keep safety and best practices top of mind.

the reach truck ESR features Dynamic Coaching notifications and alerts
the ESR reach truck offers unsurpassed adjustability features
the ESR reach truck offers safety enhancing features

More than a Reach Truck.
A Partner.

Safe operation is the result of operator behaviour and use of information. Therefore, the connected ESR reach truck offers a range of engaging and helpful features.

For example, the optional Capacity Data Monitor provides accurate load weights, lift heights and capacity limits at a glance. Colour-coded visuals are designed to alert the operator of current status, so they stay within safe load limits.

Clear interactive displays, automated assistance and coaching, context-sensitive alerts, pre-programmed safety reminders and unobstructed views further enhance performance and productivity.

Efficiency in Action

Every function of the ESR reach truck is linked to the Gena operating system. Sensors integrated throughout the truck gather real-time data on operating conditions, control input and system output. High-speed processors and proprietary algorithms adjust operating parameters for safe, efficient performance.

Crown's intelligent Optimised Cornering Speed (OCS) system automatically adjusts speed and acceleration in curves for maximum safety and performance.

Energy savings and significant runtime advantages are achieved through regenerative braking – provided by e-GEN Braking – and regenerative lowering – included with Xpress Lower.

Wet, dusty or freezer applications greatly benefit from Crown's patented OnTrac anti-slip traction control which reduces tyre spin during acceleration, plugging and braking.

the ESR reach truck delivers safe, efficient performance

Connected ESR Series Model Types

connected reach truck ESR 1040
Connected Reach Truck with Standard Chassis

The ESR reach truck with standard chassis is a value-packed solution that doesn't compromise on durability or operator comfort.

  • Load Capacity

    1400 - 1600 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    9450 mm

  • Power

    48 V / 420 - 775 Ah

  • Head Length

    1186 - 1323 mm

  • Width Overall

    1285 mm

connected reach truck with narrow chassis ESR 1020
Connected Reach Truck with Narrow Chassis

The ESR reach truck with narrow chassis is ideal for confined spaces, drive-in rack and block stacking applications as well as narrow rack aisles.

  • Load Capacity

    1400 - 1600 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    9090 mm

  • Power

    48 V / 280 - 775 Ah

  • Head Length

    1166 - 1431 mm

  • Width Overall

    1120 mm

connected reach truck ESR 1060
Connected Heavy-Duty Reach Truck

Designed for heavier loads, higher lift heights and greater throughput, the heavy-duty ESR reach truck is also available with a cold store cabin option.

  • Load Capacity

    1400 - 2000 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    13560 mm

  • Power

    48 V / 420 - 930 Ah

  • Head Length

    1281 - 1489 mm

  • Width Overall

    1285 mm

Options and Accessories

Lithium-ion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

the connected ESR reach truck can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries

For the connected ESR reach truck, a USB charging port is available which is suitable for charging phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

for the connected ESR reach truck, a USB charging port is available

Front worklights provide additional forward visibility for the operator and may help increase forklift awareness for pedestrians.

connected ESR reach truck with front worklights

The camera (mast or fork mounted) and colour monitor improve the operator's visibility at height.

connected ESR reach truck with colour camera system

The spacious enclosed freezer cabin provides a heated, comfortable work environment in temperature extreme applications (-30°C). The cabin also affords exceptional visibility that contributes to operator productivity and shift endurance. (available on model ESR 1060)

the connected ESR reach truck is available with cold store cabin

A choice of overhead guards allows you to personalise your connected reach truck to meet your application needs: angled, flat, extended, drive-in rack, low clearance or clear glass. 

for the connected ESR reach truck a choice of overhead guards is available
the connected ESR reach truck can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries