Ride-On Pallet Truck - RT Series

Run Fast, Run Strong with the RT Ride-On Pallet Truck

The RT Series ride-on pallet truck is engineered to make a huge difference in manoeuvrability, responsiveness, reliability and safety. Both the sit-down and stand-up models deliver fast, strong transporting performance with the comfort operators need to run day after day.

ride-on pallet truck RT Series

Designed for Operator Success

Like all Crown forklift trucks, ergonomics play an important role in design for optimum operator productivity. The RT Series is another proof point of this value.

The RT stand-up pallet truck provides best-in-class ride comfort with a suspended floorboard, wrap-around soft foam lean pad and a choice of right or left-hand steering.

For long-distance, high-throughput applications, the RT sit-down pallet truck features a full-suspension seat as well as a height-adjustable floorboard. Its higher seating position provides better visibility all around.

sit-down pallet truck RT Series
the RT ride-on pallet truck features the patented Entry Bar Safety Switch

Higher Performance, Safely

Crown AC motors offer powerful acceleration and 12.5 km/h travel speed.

Operators benefit from electronic steering for improved responsiveness and manoeuvrability. Speed control in curves safely delivers top driving performance.

The ride-on pallet truck features standard pallet entry and exit rollers allowing the load arms to traverse pallet bottom boards whether the pallet is empty or full.

The patented entry bar switch deactivates travel if the operator places a foot outside the truck perimeter.

Robust. Reliable. Protected.

The RT Series ride-on pallet truck is engineered to withstand the extreme abuse around fast-paced, congested work areas. It features a reinforced 8-mm thick steel skirt, 6-mm thick steel wrap-around sidewalls and no exposed plastic parts in impact areas.

Crown designed and built AC motors run longer, cooler and more efficiently and feature the highest thermal rating in the industry.

Reinforced, one-piece high tensile steel forks feature an adjustable pull-rod linkage, eliminating buckling forces and providing more protection over uneven surfaces and dock boards.

the RT ride-on pallet truck series is extremely robust
the RT ride-on pallet truck delivers long-term value

The RT Ride-On Pallet Truck Offers Lasting Value 

Crown’s RT Series ride-on pallet truck delivers long-term value like no other.

With Crown’s unique vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

RT Series Model Types

stand-up pallet truck RT 4020
Stand-up Pallet Truck

The RT stand-up pallet truck has a load capacity of 2000 kg and travels up to 12.5 km/hour. The narrow chassis and short headlength are perfect for dock work with any size pallet.

sit-down pallet truck RT 4040
Sit-down Pallet Truck

The RT sit-down pallet truck has a load capacity of 2000 kg and travel speed up to 12.5 km/h.  Advanced ergonomic and performance features are ideal for long distance transport.

Options and Accessories

Lithium-ion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

the ride-on pallet truck RT can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries

The fully automatic on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the pallet truck battery.

ride-on pallet truck RT with on-board charger

Battery roll-out allows use with battery extraction/charging equipment to make battery changes in applications that require multiple batteries more convenient.

ride-on pallet truck RT with battery roll-out

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents pallet movement.

ride-on pallet truck RT with load backrest

The audible travel alarm alerts others to the presence of a moving pallet truck in the area. The alarm can be set to sound when the forklift is travelling forward and/or reverse.

the ride-on pallet truck RT is available with audible travel alarm

The pallet truck seat is available in cloth or vinyl to suit conditions or operator preference.

the RT ride-on pallet truck is available with a seat in cloth or vinyl