Crown Expands Lift Truck Portfolio with Launch of IC and Electric Counterbalance Forklifts Capable of Carrying up to 5.5 Tons

Crown has expanded its counterbalance forklift portfolio. The new four-wheel forklifts complement the well-established, multi-purpose lift trucks in Crown’s SC and FC Series. They are available now, both as electric forklifts with high-performance 80-volt batteries and as powerful diesel and LPG lift trucks. With load capacities ranging from 2.0 up to 5.5 tons, they are capable of tackling a wide variety of material handling tasks in both indoor and outdoor applications.

“With the launch of the C-B, C-D and C-G Series lift trucks, Crown can now supply the right model for any application in the counterbalance truck segment. We are now offering our customers a complete range of solutions that enable smooth workflows and deliver the power and performance required for demanding applications,” explains Sven Vorreiter, Marketing Product Manager at Crown. Already well equipped, the basic models can be upgraded with a wide range of options, including different attachments and cab models. Customers can configure the trucks down to the last detail, according to their specific requirements.

electric, diesel and gas forklift portfolio

Powerful, precise, user-friendly – and safe

Like all Crown’s material handling equipment, the C-B, C-D and C-G Series models are exceptionally robust and powerful – the epitome of reliability and productivity-enhancing efficiency. Each motor delivers impressive levels of highly effective torque, so the lift trucks can effortlessly transport even heavy goods and products up and down inclines.

The C-B Series forklifts are all-electric, driven by powerful 80-volt motors. They provide the kind of load capacity and stability one would normally expect from a combustion-engined forklift, for powerful performance both indoors and out. At the same time, they help to reduce carbon emissions. The diesel forklifts in the C-D Series and the LPG lift trucks in the C-G Series are primarily designed for outdoor applications and longer distances. With their turbocharged engines, they are reliable, fuel-efficient workhorses which comply with the stringent specifications of the European Stage V emissions standard. On the diesel models, automatic regeneration of the particulate filter enables even higher productivity, as the truck can remain in operation during this process.

All forklift models of the C-B, C-D and C-G Series are equally impressive when it comes to application-oriented ergonomics and top-quality operator comfort. For example, the high-quality, full-suspension seat is easy to adjust to each operator’s individual needs. Intuitive and easily accessible controls deliver a confidence-inspiring driving experience and help to enhance work safety. The compact mast construction and specially designed overhead guard not only improve stability and safety, but also give operators an unobstructed upward view and outstanding all-round visibility. Each of these ergonomic features further reduces operator strain and fatigue, resulting in productive and safe work from beginning to end of each shift.

Another standout feature of Crown’s counterbalance lift trucks is their ease of maintenance. No tools are required to quickly access all components needed for quick checks and daily maintenance, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.


About Crown Equipment Corporation – EMEA
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