High-level order picking: Crown sets new standards with the SP 1500 Series

Crown is launching the newly developed SP 1500 Series of high-level order pickers across Europe. Pioneering features include an ergonomically optimised operator compartment with unmatched all-around visibility and a wide variety of customisable controls, all of which are designed to make order picking easier and safer. These features are accompanied by impressive lift truck performance. With travel speeds of up to 12 km/h, a reach height of up to 11.2 metres and capacities of up to 1.25 tonnes, these robust and intelligently connected trucks are designed to tackle a broad range of order picking applications, satisfying the challenging – and ever-changing – requirements of e-sellers, wholesalers and retailers, while at the same time meeting traditional order picking needs.

“With our brand-new SP Series, Crown is raising order picking ergonomics, productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. By combining comfortable working conditions with outstanding performance, these lift trucks encourage operators to excel themselves,” explains Sven Vorreiter, Senior Manager Product Marketing at Crown. “Our development process is people-centric from the start, because we aim to find the best possible ways to enable seamless interaction between operator and lift truck. As a result, our lift trucks enhance the entire order picking process, helping to boost efficiency and productivity.”


Consistently operator-focused design

The new generation of SP Series high-level order pickers provides operators with exceptional, almost unlimited all-around visibility – in both directions of travel, as well as up and down. The mid window positioned between the truck controls is unique in the industry, giving operators an unobstructed view in the direction of the drive unit when the operator platform is elevated. The combination of mid window with the robust, clear-view mast and large upper window gives operators a direct line of sight on obstacles, pedestrians and other lift trucks, making for substantially safer workflows. When traveling in the direction of the forks, two additional windows below the operator provide a clear view of the aisle below. The optional panoramic overhead guard improves upward visibility while simultaneously protecting operators from falling objects and dirt.

The smart, ergonomic operator compartment gives operators plenty of room to move, promising a comfortable, top-quality working experience. Each aspect of the various controls can be adjusted to suit the needs and physical characteristics of individual operators. There are two sets of controls, one facing the drive unit, the other facing the forks. Both are height-adjustable and configurable according to each operator’s personal preferences, and together with the dual-position tiller knob, allow operators the flexibility to work from an optimal position throughout the working day.

In addition, the compartment can be fitted with optional Work Assist accessories to support operators as they tackle a wide variety of tasks in a dynamic order picking environment. Accessories include, for example, storage bins and holders for tools, documents and personal items, as well as options for charging electronic devices. All of them can be mounted so they are easy for operators to see and reach.


new high-level order picker SP 1500


Wirelessly connected

Another feature reflecting the company’s consistent operator focus is Gena, Crown’s cutting-edge operating system, which includes the option of seamless integration with Crown’s tried and tested InfoLink fleet management system. Intuitive, customisable and interactive, Gena provides a personalised operator experience, delivering important data and information clearly and concisely via a 7-inch colour touchscreen, in one of more than 40 operator-selectable languages. Customisable widgets display key truck functions – such as operating hours, steering angle and battery state of charge – in real time, ensuring that the information is easy to see, understand and use.


Impressive lift truck performance

Crown is also setting new standards for lift truck performance, because the SP Series delivers outstanding lift, lower and travel speeds. Even with 24 Volt battery, SP Series high-level order pickers are capable of travelling at an industry-leading 12 km/h. Lift speeds are also unmatched, and with the optional High Speed Lift function on the 48 volt model, the maximum lift speed is an impressive 0.71 m/s. The mast can be lowered at 0.41 m/s. As a standard feature, the lowering function is also regenerative, meaning that energy is fed back into the battery whenever the mast is lowered. This improves the truck’s operating time and, by reducing its energy consumption, makes it more sustainable.

Other standard equipment on all SP high-level order pickers includes Crown’s patented OnTrac anti-slip traction control system. OnTrac reduces slippage or wheelspin whenever the lift truck is accelerating, plugging or braking on wet or dusty floors.

The SP Series has a suitable model of lift truck for every kind of high-level order picking application. Models with fixed forks are ideal for lifting large, bulky items. Order pickers with auxiliary lift are especially suitable for order picking tasks involving large numbers of small or heavy items, because operators rarely have to bend right down or stretch very far. Thanks to a wide range of V-Force lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries and matching battery chargers, customised energy solutions are also available. They can be selected and adjusted to fit each customer’s specific application requirements and on-site infrastructure.

In January 2023, before the product had even been launched, the SP Series high-level order picker was nominated for the IFOY Award 2023 (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year). The award enjoys international acclaim as the definitive prize for innovative material-handling solutions. The award winner will be announced this summer.


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