Forklift Battery and Charger Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your Batteries and Chargers

Don’t let forklift battery or charger repair cause unnecessary downtime. With comprehensive battery and charger service, Crown can help ensure you’ll have the power you need to help ensure forklift uptime.

Crown is your single source for forklift, battery and charger maintenance

Your Single Source for Maintenance and Repair  

Our service technicians receive extensive training in battery maintenance, safety and compliance and can provide recommendations to help you optimise the efficiency of your battery fleet.

Your Crown maintenance team can help your forklifts, batteries and chargers work together to improve uptime and performance.

Battery & Charger Service

Trust Crown to maintain your batteries and chargers and eliminate unnecessary downtime caused by preventable repairs.

Battery Maintenance

Visual inspection of battery condition, cables, connections and vent caps

Check of the electrolyte level and battery leakage

Recording of battery voltage readings and specific gravity for each cell

Thorough cleaning and neutralisation of the battery

Charger Maintenance

Verification of the DC charge rate

Validation of the ammeter and checking of the nameplate rating to ensure proper match

Visual inspection of charging cables, connectors, contact tips and AC cables

Inspection of line contactor and tightening of internal connections

There’s more to Battery Maintenance than Watering

The biggest headache in any operation is downtime. When not properly maintained, batteries can cause forklift downtime for charging, maintenance or even replacement. Proper maintenance of your batteries and chargers is crucial to keeping your operation up and running.

Battery Maintenance – Weak or Bad Cell
Weak or Bad Cell

An undetected weak or bad cell will cause more battery changes and overheating, shortening the life of the battery.

Battery Maintenance – corrosion

A dirty or corroded battery creates heat build-up that can decrease run time, shorten the battery’s life, and lead to other significant safety hazards.

Battery Maintenance – damaged cables
Damaged Cables

Damaged cables and connectors increase maintenance costs due to false voltage and amp readings, causing intermittent codes and diagnostic problems.

Battery Maintenance – improper charging
Improper Charging

Improper charging practices can increase charging frequency and shorten the life of your battery.

V-Force Energy Solutions


Batteries, Chargers & Accessories

Crown offers a wide range of V-Force lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, chargers and accessories to provide Motive Power solutions for any operation, application, or budget.


Energy Consulting

Crown Motive Power specialists can assess the power needs of your business to tailor a solution that raises your productivity while improving energy efficiency.