Warehouse Product Solutions

From the Dock Door to the Warehouse Floor, Crown has Your Warehouse Product Solution

Crown offers an extensive selection of warehouse supplies from storage equipment and shelving to protective barriers that improve overall safety and productivity.

Warehouse Product Solutions in the UK

Available Products

Battery Handling Equipment

Bridge Trolleys, Static Change Units, Roller Beds, Charger Tables, Box Section Floor Rails, Double-Height Storage Modules, Battery Transfer Cars

Floor and Line Marking

Internal Line Marking, Shot Blast, Diamond Shaved, UV Instant Cure, Floor Tape, External Line Marking, Mirror Checking Station, Floor Signs, Warehouse & Pallet Markers, Floor Stencils

General Warehouse Equipment

Back-of-Rack Netting, Handrail Netter, Floor-to-Ceiling Netting

Lockers, Cabinets and Cupboards

Metal Lockers, Charging Lockers, Laminated Lockers, Perforated Lockers, Plastic Lockers, Garment Lockers, Small Compartment Lockers, Vision & Perforated Cupboards, Industrial Cupboards, Heavy-Duty Cupboards, Workstation Cupboards, Engineer Cupboards, Security Cabinets & Safes

Personal Protection Equipment

Work gloves, Hard Hats & Face Shields, Hearing Protection, Height Safety, Eye Protection, Breathing Apparatus, Safety Glasses

Pick Tower and Mezzanines

Pick Towers, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racking

Racking and Shelving

Wide-Aisle Racking, Narrow-Aisle Racking, Double-Deep Pallet Racking, Drive-in Racking, Push-Back Pallet Racking, Pallet Live Storage, Carton Live Storage, Mobile Shelving, Industrial Shelving, Commercial Shelving, Longspan shelving, Everyday Shelving, General Shelving

Storage Containers and Picking Bins

Linbins, Trays & Bin Cabinets, Storage Containers, Tote Boxes

Warehouse Safety and Pedestrian Protection

Steel Barrier Protection, Plastic Column Protection, Rack Protection, Guide Rails, Bollards & Posts, Goal Posts

Warehouse Signs and Labels

Aisle Markers, Hanging Signs, Warehouse Signs, SEMA Load Notices, Safety Signage, Floor Graphics, Pallet Racking Labels, Shelf Labels, Floor Locator Labels

Work Benches and Work Stations

Bench Workstations, Work Benches, Cupboards & Drawers