Western Ohio True Value Hardware

Crown Wave Boosts Productivity and Employee Safety

One Worker Safely Performs the Work of Two…or More

Increase Productivity

The Wave enables one worker to easily retrieve multiple stocked items from height at one time, reducing what would normally be multiple trips up and down a ladder.

Improve Safety

There have been no back- or fall-related injuries to the staff since the Wave replaced ladders for stocking shelves and retrieving products.

Increase Efficiency

The Wave allows for displays at heights nobody would consider if access was by ladder – making the most of every cubic foot of the showroom’s space.

“Labor is our highest cost of doing business. The Wave is in use at least 75% of the time every day. Our cost of doing business would certainly go up without it – and so would the risk of injury to our staff if we went back to ladders.”

Lee Kuenning

Vice President – Western Ohio True Value

True Value Vice President


Western Ohio True Value, one of the largest members of the national True Value community, is a full-service hardware store in the broadest traditional sense of the word. The multi-generational, family-owned business started with one traditional hardware store in western Ohio in 1953 and has expanded with the surrounding communities to build its current 40,000 square foot headquarters and two neighboring stores. With more than 67,000 square feet of product laid out in the three locations, the operation boasts a large selection of fasteners and general hardware, plus power tools, paint, housewares, electrical, automotive supplies, a year round garden center, home decor, lawn & garden equipment and pet supplies. The service department handles power tools and power equipment.



With literally thousands of SKU items moving in and out of the three locations on a daily basis, Western Ohio True Value has to have an efficient and timely way to move products from the receiving dock to the cash register. In response to customer demand for more products, valuable warehouse space has been converted to retail space and the company has gone to higher storage and display systems within each showroom. Moving bulky items like gallon cans of paint from pallets to the shelves requires a careful touch while storing, displaying and retrieving large items from tall racks and ceiling-high wall displays requires stability as well as speed. The layout puts a premium on an ability to “climb” to stack and retrieve bulky, heavy products while always maintaining the highest level of safety. 


The Crown Wave Work Assist Vehicle is in use nearly all day every day, working from the receiving dock to the showroom floor. With a diverse staff taking on many roles – both men and women – they like the fact they don’t have to “man-handle” items like paint cans, outdoor power equipment or other heavy loads. This unique tool has replaced ladders throughout the store making it possible to not only stack more unwieldy products higher, but to do so more quickly and safely. The Wave allows the staff to stock and retrieve items it would never attempt to touch alone from a ladder. The bottom line echoed from everyone in the operation is simply, “We could not do what we do without the Wave.”