Peri & Sons Farms

Increase Uptime with the Crown C-5 Series On-Demand Cooling System

127 Additional Hours Fleet Uptime Every Week

Additional Fleet Uptime

Realized 127 hours of additional fleet uptime each week by avoiding the manual clearing of the radiators up to five times per truck each 12-hour shift.

Reduced Rental Costs

Reduced overall fleet rental cost with the dependability of new, reliable Crown forklifts. Previous rentals were used and often needed maintenance requiring the company to rent extra forklifts in anticipation of downtime.

Maximize ROI

Increased system uptime – more than 10 percent – with a reliable forklift that maximizes return on investment.

“With our previous forklifts, we had a lot of debris get stuck in the radiator and cause overheating. The C-5 solved this problem by reversing the fan every time the truck is started and this clears the debris.”  


Ben Dawson

Packing Shed Manager - Peri & Sons Farms



Peri & Sons Farms is one of the largest onion-to-seed companies in the world. The family owned business grows, packs and ships premium onions. The business farms more than 7,500 acres in Yerington, Nevada and Firebaugh, California and employs approximately 200 employees during the peak season.



During peak season at its California location, Peri & Sons Farms operates 10-12 hour shifts, six days a week with temperatures up to 110°F with onion peels, thick dust and grit in the air. Due to these conditions, Peri & Sons experienced excessive downtime. The previous fleet’s powertrains would overheat causing the operators to shut down the truck, clear the radiator and wait for the engine to cool. The previous rental fleet experienced excessive wear on the brake system, wheel hubs, the mast and chains due to the demanding environment.


Now Peri & Sons utilizes 17 Crown C-5 Series forklifts to receive onions from the loading trucks, and transport bins up to 1,000 pounds of onions from the storage room to weighing and bagging lines. The C-5 is built with industrial components and features that excel in the harshest forklift environments and it features an industrial powertrain with an advanced cooling package. A dual open-core radiator provides separate cooling for the engine and transmission. The truck’s optional On-Demand Cooling system controls the fan speed independently of the engine to maximize cooling performance and automatically clears the radiator each time a user starts the truck. Crown’s exclusive Power Brake System delivers durability and performance advantages that virtually eliminate brake maintenance. Larger axles and hubs provide strength to absorb the shocks of an off-road environment. The C-5’s I-Beam mast construction and large lift chains provide durability and dependability increasing operator productivity and confidence when handling loads.