Bland Distribution Services

Crown’s FC Series Brings Increased Uptime and Productivity to Time-Sensitive Produce Operation

Increase Productivity and Eliminate Downtime by 90%

Increase Uptime

The reliability of the FC Series, supported by an extended maintenance plan, has reduced fleet downtime by 90%.

Increase Efficiency

The efficient operation of the FC Series, coupled with opportunity charging during breaks, enables the company to run two full shifts on one battery charge, maximizing the fleet’s productivity.

Maximize Productivity

Durability, stability and reach of the FC Series’ quad mast enables operators to confidently move product in racking up to 208 inches high, without the need for a different lift truck.

“We’ve eliminated 90% of the downtime… being proactive to make sure we are doing the maintenance checks and having the trucks serviced regularly, we’ve been able to keep it to a minimum.”

Nick Sanchez

General Manager – Bland Distribution Services

Bland Distribution General Manager


Bland Distribution Services, located in Donna, TX, is a 100,000 square foot cross-dock distribution center primarily handling fresh produce products traveling from Mexico to retailers in the U.S. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has operated two shifts per day, transferring produce between 150 semi-trucks daily. This fast pace results in a complete turn of their warehouse content in just two and a half days. 



With perishable produce, time is the most valuable asset in Bland Distribution Services operation. When customers check in at the dock they expect their trucks to be fully loaded in two hours. Constant movement of product is a necessity so the company’s forklift fleet as its service network must be bulletproof. Downtime not only impacts productivity but also directly impacts customer satisfaction. With 90 percent of their operation indoors, the company needed an electric truck that was capable of maximizing uptime across both shifts.


Bland Distribution selected the Crown FC Series to satisfy the demanding requirements of their time-sensitive operation. Using opportunity charging during lunch and dinner breaks, the company is able to run two full shifts on a single battery charge, eliminating the downtime associated with charging or battery swaps and maximizing the performance of each forklift. The operation was also able to maximize warehouse space, coupling 208 inch tall racking with the FC Series quad mast to easily move product from all levels with the same truck. Reliability of the FC Series has outperformed the company’s previous forklifts and, coupled with an extended maintenance plan, has eliminated 90% of the downtime they had experienced previously.