The PRI Group

Crown Helps Recycling Company Reduce Maintenance Costs, Increase Productivity and Uptime

Increase Uptime and Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs by 50-60%

Maximize ROI

The durability and thoughtful design of the C-5 Series has reduced damage caused by floor level debris and cut overall maintenance costs by 50-60 percent.

Increase Reliability

Dual radiator design and optional On-Demand Cooling eliminates downtime associated with overheating caused by airborne dust and debris.

Predict Costs

Real-time monitoring from InfoLink Fleet Management ensures that planned maintenance is completed on time, every time, making maintenance expenses more predictable while reducing costs up to 60 percent.

“The sealed brakes, the sealed undercarriage, and the fan system - the cooling system that the Crown’s have - have taken our maintenance costs way down."

Tony Varchetto

President and CEO – The PRI Group

PRI Group President and CEO


The PRI Group, located in Bensenville, IL, is a full service recycling company primarily handling paper and plastics. In its 110,000 square foot facility, the company collects, sorts, bales and ships recycled material throughout the United States, Mexico and internationally, helping companies manage their waste in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Since its establishment in 2008, The PRI Group has operated three shifts, 24 hours a day, six days a week to handle their heavy workload. Material is constantly on the move in The PRI Group facility, with incoming material being taken to processing stations and baled material being loaded for outbound shipment by truck, ocean container and rail.



The recycling process generates a great deal of dust and debris, both on the floor and in the air. Baling wire and strapping material often fall within the aisles and the fine paper dust works its way into every piece of machinery. The company’s previous forklift fleet often suffered drivetrain failure when debris on the floor became entangled under the forklift. Hydraulic failures, caused when paper dust infiltrated the forklift’s hydraulic system, became commonplace while trucks struggled with overheating when the radiator became coated with debris. The PRI Group routinely performed planned maintenance with every 500 hours of use, but skyrocketing maintenance costs and unexpected downtime were becoming a consistent headache, especially with the facility consistently running at full capacity.


The PRI Group selected the Crown C-5 Series LPG forklift and InfoLink Fleet Management system to help them address their downtime issues. The C-5 Series’ sealed underbody protects critical drivetrain components from debris while its dual radiator and optional On-Demand Cooling make overheating a thing of the past. The InfoLink system helps The PRI Group monitor usage of each forklift in the fleet, ensuring that their planned maintenance schedule is routinely observed. The durability and performance of the C-5 Series, paired with maintenance alerts generated by the InfoLink system has helped The PRI Group reduce their overall maintenance costs up to 60 percent.