California Large Spark-Ignition (LSI)
Fleet Requirements Regulation & Reporting Requirements


The California LSI Fleet Regulation was created by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2006. The regulation imposes target fleet average emission levels on forklifts, sweeper/scrubbers, industrial tow tractors and airport ground support equipment operated in the state of California. These LSI vehicles include gasoline, propane (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicles with 25 or more horsepower and greater than 1.0-liter displacement. Rental equipment is also included subject to certain rules.

Although this regulation has existed for some time, it was amended in the summer of 2016 to require certain reporting compliance activities by June 30, 2017. By this date, all companies with fleets of four or more LSI vehicles operating in the state of California must report key vehicle/engine information to the CARB and label each covered vehicle with an engine identification number assigned by the CARB during the reporting process. There are additional ongoing reporting requirements following the June 30, 2017 deadline.

The LSI Fleet Regulation is designed to encourage adoption of electric vehicles and newer, lower-emitting engines to reduce overall fleet emissions and improve air quality. Fleets that do not meet the required standard may be assessed penalties by CARB of up to $500 per day per piece of non-compliant equipment. Although reporting is required for all vehicles subject to the regulation, Crown’s C-5 Series LPG forklifts fall well below the fleet average emission threshold while Crown’s electric forklifts and tow tractors, of course, produce zero emissions.

Crown has reviewed the regulation and its reporting requirements and has provided key equipment and engine information and specific training to its entire U.S. retail network to help customers locate the necessary information for Crown and Hamech products to comply with the LSI Fleet Regulation reporting requirements. All Crown branch and dealer personnel are also equipped to make specific recommendations for forklift replacements to help lower your fleet average emissions to meet the required standard and avoid penalties.

Crown encourages you to investigate the LSI Fleet Regulation and understand your responsibilities. To obtain more information about the regulation, available training and the reporting site, visit the California Air Resources Board (CARB) website. Additional information, including vehicle exemptions, is also available on the CARB Off-Road Zone website.

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