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Crown helps you maintain a safe operation with equipment designed around your operator and in accordance with industry standards. We want to help ensure all of your employees go home safely at the end of each workday.


lift truck operators learn about safely operating material handling equipment

How Comprehensive is Your Safety Program?

A successful safety program considers each key element that can positively contribute to employee safety. Too much emphasis in any one area could result in a reduced focus on other critical factors. Our new e-book outlines the many components of an integrated safety approach.

Forklift Safety iPad

Real Results

Crown InfoLink Reinforces Safety Mindset To Help Achieve Goals
“Last year, we had our best year ever for costs and our lowest injury rate in the eleven years I have been with the company, and InfoLink is a great part of that.”

-Keith McCarron, Director of Distribution

Safety Resources

Crown is dedicated to helping you create a safe operating environment. Use the resources below to help
promote a culture of safety in your business and among your employees.

Operator Manuals

Download an electronic version or Contact Your Local Crown Dealer for a printed copy.

Service Manuals

Parts and service manuals can be ordered through your Local Crown Dealer.

Safety Label Kits

Warning and caution labels on our material handling equipment alert both operators and service technicians of important lift truck usage and service guidelines. A properly maintained lift truck has all of its safety labels and decals intact. Crown provides Replacement Safety Label Kits for current models.

Operator Daily Checklists

It's important that every operator performs a forklift safety check before beginning work. Crown's operator daily checklists can be ordered through your local dealer.

Safety Equipment

Pedestrian Safety Training Module

Provides recommendations for pedestrians working in a facility using powered industrial equipment, including automated guided vehicles.

Visitor Safety Awareness Video

Helps increase lift truck awareness among visitors to facilities using powered industrial equipment and provides recommended safety practices.

Safety Features Guide

To learn more about our many standard safety features as well as options available for specialized applications, download the Crown Safety Features Guide or contact your local Crown dealer.

National Forklift Safety Day poster

Industry Regulations and Safety Standards

Industry regulations and standards play an important role in the safety of your employees. Ensure your employees are aware of regulations regarding powered industrial lift trucks, including operator training, triennial evaluation, fall protection, modifications, maintenance and replacement parts.

National Forklift Safety Day poster

Do Your Part

Help promote forklift safety year-round by downloading and printing our series of six free, full-color 11x17" posters. Display them throughout your facility every day to help keep forklift safety top of mind for everyone in your organization.