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Three Dimensions of Dock and Door Success

It takes a multi-pronged approach to provide dock and door solutions that fully address business needs today and tomorrow. Rely on Crown to conduct a comprehensive site survey and needs analysis that will identify the right products and support requirements to provide your operation with an effective, long-term solution.

Customers Benefit From Crown Expertise

Crown Expertise

Tap into Crown’s deep knowledge to complete on-site surveys and create informed designs that enhance traffic flow.

Integrated Products ensure safe and secure dock and door access

Integrated Products

A wide range of compatible products to help ensure safe and secure dock and door access and reliable facility protection.

Maintenance programs keeps your business moving

Parts, Service and Support

Local parts inventory, a multi-state mobile service network and a range of planned maintenance programs help keep you moving.

Customer and Crown Working Together

Tap Into Crown’s Experience

A breadth and depth of experience in the material handling industry enables Crown to provide expert support for every aspect of your project. From design and service teams to installation specialists, we provide custom solutions for your specific needs.

Single-Source Simplicity

Crown provides complete project management from start to finish to eliminate hassles for you. Our coordination services can help streamline processes across multiple projects or locations and ensure solution compatibility with existing facilities and equipment.

Consultation and design
Wide range of products with local inventory
Product sourcing and integration with existing equipment
Complete project management from design, through permit documentation, concrete preparation and installation
On-going maintenance and repair, including planned maintenance programs
Customer and Crown Working Together

The Benefits of Smart Design

An effective design enhances traffic flow and promotes peak performance and safety. Crown’s thoughtful design approach and thorough project management can deliver lasting productivity benefits to your warehouse.

Safe Access Control
Safe, secure access control throughout the facility
Improve Traffic Flow
Improved material and facility traffic flow
Improved Employee Safety
Improved employee comfort and safety
Secure Dock Access
Safe, flexible and secure dock access
Worker operating machinery safely

Promote Safety with Timely Service

You need people and materials to flow smoothly and safely through your facility. That means interior and exterior doors and dock systems must function as intended. When they don't, lost time or even injury can occur.

Crown offers customizable service and maintenance plans specifically tailored to your equipment and application, to help ensure safe and secure access for your employees, facility visitors and material workflow.

The Right Products for Your Needs

Crown offers a wide selection of products to help ensure safe and secure dock access. From rolling steel doors to dock bumpers and boards, we can provide the quality dock and door products and accessories you need.

Choose from a wide range of doors to provide security, access or environmental control for indoor and outdoor applications.

Door with Dock Access

Multiple options are available to provide a safe and smooth transition from the dock to the trailer during loading and unloading.

Dock Leveler

Choose from rigid, soft-sided and flexible frame shelters. Foam style dock seals in a variety of fabrics fit any application.

Frame Seal and Shelter

Securely attach trailers to the dock when loading and unloading to allow for safe ingress and egress.

Trailer Restraint System

Choose from surface and pit-mounted solutions to accommodate a wide range of trailer heights and pallet truck sizes.

Scissor Lift

Create a comfortable and energy efficient environment for employees year-round, with sizes to fit virtually any space and application.


Improve safety and help prevent damage with added protection for critical equipment and infrastructure.

Guard Rails and Impact Barriers in a warehouse

An extensive inventory of spare parts, including hold-down assemblies, overhead door panels, bumpers, springs and more are always available.

Crown provides additional accessories and parts
Door with Dock Access

Learn more about your single source for complete dock and door solutions.

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