DHL Fast Charges Efficiency With Crown V-Force
Lithium-Ion Power

DHL Fast Charging Leads to Longer Run Times and Increased Productivity

Longer Run-Times

Opportunity charging during operator breaks enables one battery to run nearly 24 hours daily and eliminates the need for battery swapping.

Improved Working Environment

Zero exhaust emissions, quiet operation, and cooler on-board cabin temperature in summer leads to vastly improved working conditions for operators.

High-Level Support

Crown’s professional onboarding process and support, site facilitation work, and expert guidance ensured DHL achieved a seamless transition from LPG to V-Force Lithium-Ion powered forklifts without affecting workflow.

“We have custom-built charging shelves and stations next to the lunch room, so we have the opportunity to do a fast charge which can be as short as 15 minutes or 30 minutes during a lunch break which will keep those units running without issue for two shifts.”


Andrew Marks

Assets and Facilities Manager - DHL Supply Chain Australia

DHL Customer Testimonial on Crown V-Force® Lithium-Ion powered SC Series Electric Forklifts


DHL is an industry-leading global freight and logistics company whose services include warehousing and distributing goods for its clients. DHL relies heavily on their material handling  equipment to provide efficient and timely delivery of its client's products.



DHL sought to improve the productivity of its Horsley Park, New South Wales, distribution facility by increasing the operating time of its forklift fleet before needing to refuel, ideally enabling units to operate over two shifts. This capability and time savings from eliminating the changing of gas bottles used with its previous LPG forklift fleet would lead to greater operational efficiency. The core objectives for the initiative included reducing downtime, improving space utilisation, increasing ease of operator use, and maintaining forklift performance and safety.


Working with long-term MHE partner Crown Equipment, DHL commissioned a fleet of V-Force Lithium-Ion-powered SC Series forklifts. The opportunity charging capability of the V-Force Lithium-Ion batteries allows for recharging during the operators’ break time, providing one battery with sufficient power to achieve the targeted two-shift operation requirement.