Henningsen Cold Storage

Boost Operator Productivity with The Crown PE 4500 with Power Steering

Boost Productivity by 50%

Increased Productivity

Exceeded expectations by increasing productivity 50 percent by easily handling the company’s increased volume with its current fleet.

Improved Safety

The PE 4500’s superior ergonomics and power steering system provides enhanced operator comfort and efficiency.

“The power steering and other ergonomic features means we are able to run the [truck] all day without the operators getting fatigued.”


Pete Lepschat

Engineering Services Manager - Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

Henningsen Manager


Henningsen Cold Storage is one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in the U.S. Its refrigerated logistics consists of a national warehouse network totaling more than 1.4 million cubic metres (53 million cubic feet) of multi-temperature controlled storage (-20 to +60°F). The company is based in the Pacific Northwest with 11 facilities located throughout the United States.



In the past, the company had trouble finding pallet jacks that were robust enough to hold up in a refrigerated application. Henningsen’s operators use the rider pallet forklifts for low-level order picking, as well as loading and unloading trailers on the dock. Competitor lift trucks could not stand up to the tough, demanding environment – the undercarriage would crack under the repeated stress and strain. Operator fatigue was also apparent over the course of a shift due to the constant manoeuvring of the lift truck in tight spaces.


The company utilises the Crown PE 4500 Series with electronic power steering in its Salem and Portland, Oregon facilities. The PE 4500 Series features the industry’s largest, most powerful drive unit and up to 45 percent more steel than competitive models in areas of the lift truck that face constant stress and the highest risks of costly damage. The PE 4500 Series is designed for optimal ergonomics to reduce strain and fatigue, while allowing operators to accomplish more at a faster pace even in the most challenging environments. Henningsen depends on the optional power steering feature to help operators manoeuvre and control the truck effortlessly – making them more comfortable and productive. It’s ideal for dock work or any application that requires frequent turning and manoeuvring in tight, congested spaces.