High-Level Order Picker - SP Series

The SP Order Picker Delivers Clearly Elevated Performance

From the wide-open operator window to its rock solid stability system, Crown’s SP Series forklifts are designed to help busy order pickers maintain confidence at height and efficiently handle a variety of tasks.

high-level order picker SP Series
SP high-level order picker is available with fixed forks and lifting forks

Flexibility for a Variety of Applications

The SP Series includes six different models with reach heights between 8 and 11.3 metres to match your requirements.

Four fixed-fork order pickers are ideally suited for picking bulky, oversized items or where extended platforms and industrial carts are used in place of pallets.

Two lifting-fork order pickers allow the operator to vary the load height to reduce the need for reaching and bending. This can be especially beneficial when the orders consist of many small or heavy items or where partial-pallet orders are picked.

Visibility that Drives Success 

Clear vision is the foundation of operator confidence. With its exceptional visibility, the Crown SP Series high-level order picker makes operators clearly more productive

The SP Series provides the most unobstructed view through the mast and reduces “tunnel vision” – increasing operator confidence – especially at height.

Crown offers the industry’s largest platform window, which provides operators the visibility they need to safely and effectively manoeuvre up and down the warehouse aisle.

the SP high-level order picker features excellent visibility
the SP high-level order picker offers exceptional stability

Stability that Builds Confidence 

Ample use of steel – from the mast to the side gates, and everything in between – means less sway and more operator certainty for greater all-around productivity.

That’s why Crown engineers developed the most stable mast in the industry with heavy gauge steel, wide outer C-channels and inner I-beams, robust stabilising angular cross members and exclusive vertical mast braces.

With Crown’s Stability Stance, operators have four points of solid contact with the high-level order picker when stopping and starting from the highest lift heights.

Performance that Rises Above 

Crown’s SP Series high-level order picker supports a variety of operational needs while delivering speeds that ensure the fastest cycle times.

The SP Series’ standard variable height sensor measures platform height and determines maximum allowable speed.

The patented Intelligent Braking System contributes to stability and control, even at maximum height. It combines mechanical and regenerative braking for precise braking matched to vehicle speed, platform height and other variables.

the SP high-level order picker delivers maximum performance
the SP high-level order picker is designed for reliability and lasting value

The SP Order Picker Provides Longevity that Pays 

With longer shift life, proven diagnostics, and a global parts and service network, users of the Crown SP Series high-level order pickers are sure to experience more satisfaction, longer forklift life and lower total costs.

With Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

SP Series Model Types

high-level order picker with fixed forks SP 3511/3521
High-Level Order Picker with Fixed Forks, 3-Wheel

The SP Series high-level order picker with fixed forks is suitable for guided VNA and free-ranging applications.

high-level order picker with lifting forks SP 3512/3522
High-Level Order Picker with Lifting Forks, 3-Wheel

The SP Series high-level order picker with auxilary mast provides ergonomic relief for the operator. It is suitable for guided VNA or free-ranging applications.

straddle order picker SP 3571
High-Level Order Picker, 4-Wheel Straddle

The SP Series 4-wheel order picker is suitable for NA and VNA applications. It is the highest capacity order picker in the line, handling heavy palletised loads at heights up to 9.3 metres.

straddle order picker for oversized loads SP 3581
High-Level Order Picker for Platform and Cart Handling, 4-Wheel Straddle

The SP Series 4-wheel order picker is a heavy-duty truck used in areas where loads are bulky or extra-long, such as furniture or retail store warehouses.


Fleet Damage
30% Lower 

Since Replacing its Aging Fleet with Crown Order Pickers and Utilising InfoLink

Options and Accessories

Wire or rail guidance automates steering control, allowing for minimal aisle widths.

for the SP high-level order picker a Wire or Rail Guidance System is available

Load-facing operator controls improve visibility and operator efficiency for forks-first travel and picking.

SP high-level order picker with Load-Facing Operator Controls

Custom platform extensions provide greater working space for the operator to handle large, non-palletised items.

the SP high-level order picker is available with Platform Extensions

The fan/light package provides auxillary lighting and improves operator comfort in man-up applications.

SP high-level order picker with Fan/Light Package

The pallet clamp secures pallets with stringers to prevent unwanted movement.

SP high-level order picker with Pallet Clamp