Stacker - WF Series

The Economical and Efficient Stacker

Crown’s WF Series stacker contributes time and cost savings while delivering flexibility that makes it one of the most in-demand in the warehouse. Now, you can save space and organise products for faster access while giving your employees a quicker, safer way to lift, carry or transport heavy or bulky loads.

stacker WF Series

Flexibility and Versatility

The Crown WF Series stacker serves as a dependable workhorse for a variety of applications, especially where space is limited. The compact design operates in crowded aisles and tight work areas, and offers load capacities of up to 1200 kg.

the stacker WF is ideal for congested work areas
the stacker WF is highly manoeuvrable

Move with Ease  

In crowded aisles and tight spaces, the WF Series’ fork-over design lets your employees move with ease and efficiently handle Euro pallets and other open-bottom containers. With a narrow turning radius and Crown’s exclusive X10 Handle, operators experience precise control.

The low-profile power unit, clear mast design with nested rails and the efficient routing of hydraulic hoses all contribute to clear visibility even while working with elevated loads or moving products. In fact, this stacker offers unmatched visibility all around; forward, upward and both sides. 

The WF Stacker is Powerfully Safe   

The WF Series balances operator power and safety – helping operators manoeuvre and position loads in tight, congested spaces with less effort. In addition, the stacker features a centre-mounted tiller, which positions the operator at a constant distance from the drive unit during both right and left turns.

the stacker WF provides power and safety
the WF stacker improves cube utilisation

Optimise Space and Increase Selectivity   

Improving cube utilisation can free substantial floor space, promote better inventory organisation and access, increase productivity and drive more profit. With the tight turning radius of the WF Series stacker, warehouse aisles can be reduced, allocating more warehouse space to inventory.

Users also benefit from improved product selectivity since inventory is always right where it is supposed to be – key to improving productivity in shipping applications where selecting and staging can rob time and energy.

Lasting Value    

Crown builds long-term value into all of its stackers, which includes use of more steel than its competitors to protect internal components and extend lifespan. It's assured with the industry's only lifetime warranty for a pedestrian stacker chassis.

What’s more, with Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

the WF stackers' chassis has a lifetime warranty

WF Series Model Types

stacker WF 3000

The WF Series is a compact stacker built for long-term performance. It is designed with the same durability, reliability and ease of use as our largest heavy-duty stackers but is ideal for congested work spaces.

  • Load Capacity

    1000 - 1200 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    4400 mm

  • Power

    24 V / 94 - 180 Ah

  • Overall Width

    805 mm

  • Head Length

    692 mm

  • Fork Length

    1150 mm

Options and Accessories

Tandem load wheels reduce individual wheel loading to extend life.

WF stacker with tandem load wheels

Corrosion or freezer conditioning allows the stacker to maintain performance in humid environments or cold storage facilities.

WF stacker with freezer conditioning

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents pallet movement.

WF stacker with load backrest

Crown offers a variety of wet cell and maintenance-free batteries to satisfy specific power requirements and charge/discharge cycles.

WF stacker with battery options

Mast storage pockets offer a unique and secure storage solution for tools or other items.

WF stacker with mast storage pocket

The remote raise and lower control provides the operator a more convenient way to raise and lower the forks while loading and unloading.

WF stacker with remote raise and lower control
WF stacker with tandem load wheels