Stackers - ES Series

ES Stackers Offer Precision and Strength in Small Spaces

The Crown ES Series stackers deliver powerful performance, responsive control, excellent manoeuvrability and visibility so operators can work safely and productively in small spaces.

stackers ES Series
ES stackers are robust and powerful

Robust and Powerful 

With the ES Series, strength is apparent on the inside and out. The stackers' components and structures are engineered for exceptional power and endurance.

The drive unit features a Crown-built AC traction motor and heavy-duty cast iron gearbox to handle the heaviest rated loads. A formed steel tiller arm with die-cast aluminum control handle ensures long life in tough environments. 

The rugged power unit features a thick steel skirt and removable steel covers. The mast features nested I-beam construction and thick steel cross bars.

Excellent Handling and Performance

Responsive traction control, the narrow chassis and optional electric power steering simplify manoeuvring the stackers in confined spaces, even with heavy loads. Precise proportional lift and lower functions enhance load handling at heights up to 5.4 metres

The Brake Override Function allows operation in the creep speed mode with the handle position nearly vertical for precise manoeuvring.  

The innovative X10 Handle includes a rabbit/turtle switch for two levels of programmable travel performance so operators can quickly select the setting that matches their experience level or specific task.

ES Series stackers are optionally available with V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries, providing longer runtimes than traditional lead-acid batteries and allowing easy opportunity charging.

ES stackers offer superior handling and performance
ES stackers offer superb all-around visibility

A Clearly Visible Advantage  

The compact ES stackers’ superb all-around visibility gives operators greater confidence when working in confined spaces. This significantly improves throughput and promotes safe operation during manoeuvring.

A contoured, low-profile power unit together with a wide-open mast window and fork carriage give operators a clear view of the fork tips and outriggers. Fork tip indicators provide a quick visual reference to assist operators with fork positioning.

A centre-mounted tiller handle positions the operator at a safe working distance from the power unit and provides excellent visibility to either side of the stacker.

Double Your Productivity with Initial-Lift Stackers

The ESi stackers with initial lift can be used to securely handle the movement of stacked pallets

They also provide higher ground clearance for better handling on inclines and uneven surfaces, greatly expanding the range of operations.

ESi stackers with initial lift securely transport stacked pallets
ES stackers are engineered for durability

Exceptional Reliability and Lasting Value

Engineered for durability and power, ES Series stackers prove their value with exceptionally long life.

A virtually maintenance free 3-phase AC traction control motor provides strong acceleration and control at any speed.

The e-GEN braking system uses the AC motor to stop the stacker, eliminating adjustments and wear points on mechanical brake systems for virtually maintenance-free operation. 

ES Series Model Types

stackers ES 4000

The ES Series pedestrian stackers are designed to move skids, wire baskets/cages and Euro-type pallets. Eliminate outrigger space and improve cube utilisation with these stackers.

  • Load Capacity

    1200 - 1600 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    5400 mm

  • Power

    24 V / 250 - 375 Ah

  • Head Length

    758 - 812 mm

  • Width Overall

    800 mm

  • Fork Length

    1150 mm

stackers with initial lift ESi 4000
Stackers with Initial Lift

The ESi Series pedestrian stackers with the initial lift option provide higher ground clearance for use on inclines or uneven surfaces.

  • Load Capacity

    1200 - 1600 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    5400 mm

  • Power

    24 V / 250 - 375 Ah

  • Head Length

    874 - 929 mm

  • Width Overall

    800 mm

  • Fork Length

    1200 mm

Options and Accessories

V-Force lithium-ion batteries can improve performance and productivity. They offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

ES stackers can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries

The fully automatic on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the stackers battery.

for ES stackers an on-board charger is available

Pallet entry and exit rollers assist the load arms in easily traversing bottom boards.

for ES stackers pallet entry/exit rollers are available

The steel-constructed load backrest helps stabilise loads and prevent pallet movement.

ES stackers with load backrest

Freezer conditioning allows the stackers to maintain performance in cold storage facilities.

ES stackers are available with freezer conditioning

The metal mast grill offers more durability and consistent visibility than polycarbonate, especially in freezer applications.

ES stackers are available with metal mast grill
ES stackers can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries