Palibex: Thanks to Crown, loading and unloading pallets is safer, more flexible and more ergonomic


Palibex is the Spain’s first network for the express distribution of palletised goods. Much of the success of this young company is due to its commitment to the environment and occupational health and safety, a focus that caused them to opt for an operating model based on the rear loading of payloads (rather than the lateral loading used by other palletisation companies), meaning that goods vehicles do not have to enter the warehouse. This means the goods handling process is safer, avoiding lorry emissions that would otherwise affect goods and the personnel involved in handling them. Since its inception, the company has had to acquire facilities and vehicles that support the implementation of this innovative operational approach while enabling it to specialise in consumer goods – a market that requires higher standards of cleanliness and care during transport and handling.


Palibex invested in a large central warehouse in Madrid with more than 5,000 square metres of storage space and 50 loading docks. The company started to analyse the market in order to find the forklift truck models best suited to their night-time operations, which require high levels of productivity and speed so that the company can provide its express 24-hour distribution services. This meant the fleet had to be sized very carefully, because they were already planning to add more vehicles in the short term in order to keep up with the steady growth of their business activities and network of franchisees. When the company was first established three years ago, they were moving 450 pallets a night for 23 companies. Now they manage 2,500 pallets at 52 sites across Spain, employing over 600 workers and operating a fleet of more than 500 goods vehicles.


Palibex chose the WT platform pallet truck with its robust steel covers and advanced suspension system and the SC electric forklift, which includes an intelligent Intrinsic Stability System that provides a proactive approach to stability and control. Both models were most suitable for the Palibex rear-loading approach while also being tough, stable and at the same time ergonomic and highly manoeuvrable.

The collaborative relationship between the two companies facilitated the whole process of adapting the new machines to Palibex’s facilities and operational processes. The company appreciates the agility and manoeuvrability of the new trucks, as well as their ergonomics, strength, extended runtime, durability and reliability. With addition of Crown’s InfoLink® fleet management system, Palibex is also able to monitor impacts and identify potential safety and productivity improvements.


platform pallet trucks WT at Palibex



  • Greater operational flexibility and improved worker productivity through the use of sturdy, ergonomic and reliable vehicles that are also more agile in the company’s confined working conditions

  • Cost savings thanks to the incorporation of Crown’s Infolink® fleet management system, which facilitates rapid operational decision-making based on financial considerations and improved service

  • Optimised fleet based on new models with higher battery capacity and Crown’s lateral battery transfer system, capable of keeping up with the steady growth of Palibex’s activities


“One of the best decisions we have ever taken at Palibex was to work together with Crown. They have managed to identify our actual operational needs, supply the forklift trucks best suited to our facilities and, above all, take care of the welfare of our workers.”

Jaime Colsa, Founder of Palibex


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