Crown provides lifetime guarantee on side restraints

Save costs on repairs and replacement partsrts

Crown is now offering a lifetime guarantee on the folding quick-exit side restraints on its tiller-guided forklift trucks. This guarantee, which covers spare parts and labour for repair or replacement of side restraints and mounting clips for the original owner, makes damage billing for these parts a thing of the past. The guarantee is immediately valid for all Crown trucks with side restraints, namely the WT Series platform pallet trucks, the ET Series platform stackers and the DT Series double stackers.

Marius Freitag, Head of Logistics at Stürmer Maschinen GmbH explains: “In our logistics centre, we are using the Crown DT Series double stacker and the platform stackers of the ET series. The durable construction of Crown’s stackers was an important reason for this decision and the robust side restraints are a good example of this. The fact that Crown now offers a lifelong guarantee on them is not only a powerful sales argument that benefits us, it is also evidence of the justified trust in their own quality.”

Forklift trucks with folding platforms are exposed to harsh operating conditions during ramp operation, transport or storage and must withstand frequent impacts. The folding side restraints are often damaged if they are made of light-weight tubes or if the manufacturer uses plastic mounting clips. In contrast, Crown’s patented quick-exit side restraints are made from 50 mm thick, heavy-walled steel tube featuring a solid mounting system with strong metal C-clamps. Damage to this type of construction is extremely rare. Less stable constructions bend or break comparatively easily and must be repaired or replaced. Depending on the damage, this can incur costs of well over 500 euros. The lifetime guarantee on Crown’s quick-exit side restraints therefore represents a real cost saving since repair or replacement costs are avoided.

Experience shows that our side restraints are among the most robust on the market and customers have long benefited from this robust construction. We have such faith in their stability and durability that we now offer a guarantee on them for the entire life of the vehicle,” says Christian Rotter, Marketing Product Manager at Crown.


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