Double Stacker - DS Series / DT Series

Pick up the Pace with Crown Double Stackers

Crown offers a range of model variations to meet your double-stacking requirements – from medium-duty retail environments to high-density stock-to-dock applications. Crown's double stacker series combine the abilities of a heavy-duty stacker with the flexibility of a pallet truck, plus the capacity to transport two 1000 kg pallets.

double stacker models DS Series/DT Series
the DS and DT double stacker series are available in 5 platform configurations

Flexibility Pays

In terms of productivity, control, durability and versatility, Crown's DS and DT Series far exceed typical expectations for double stacker pallet trucks. With double-deck lorries, the advantages stack up even further. You can save shipping costs, valuable dock and floor space while increasing throughput.

The double stacker series are available in five configurations offering travel speeds of up to 12.5 km/h.

  • Two models without platform are available for dedicated pedestrian use in medium- to heavy-duty applications.

  • The folding-platform configuration with folding side restraints offers the flexibility of switching between rider and pedestrian mode.

  • The fixed-platform configuration with side entry and backrest is especially useful for transport and order picking.

  • The fixed-platform configuration with rear entry and comfortable operator compartment is ideal for high traffic areas or long runs.

Double up Throughput in Retail

The new DS pedestrian double stacker helps you master the challenges associated with narrow aisles and confined stockrooms in retail and wholesale environments. It is perfect for pallet handling, transport, shelf-replenishment and unloading double-deck lorries in congested spaces.

The DS Series offers superior manoeuvrability and ergonomics thanks to its compact size, small turning radius, low-mounted X10 Handle and optional fork lift switches on both sides of the mast. At the same time, it features class-leading levels of stability, residual capacity, robustness and reliability.

For additional benefits in retail applications, the double stacker is available with optional V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries and integrated on-board charger, providing longer runtimes and allowing easy opportunity charging.

the DS double stacker is ideal for retail applications in confined spaces
the DT double stacker features folding side restraints with a lifetime guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee on
Folding Side Restraints

With Crown, damage billing for side restraints is a thing of the past.

Crown’s heavy-duty side restraints feature 50 mm diameter heavy-wall steel tubing and a rugged C-clamp mounting system. We’re so confident in the strength and durability of our folding side restraints that they're guaranteed for the life of the stacker for the original owner.

Strength and durability to survive in the real world. Guaranteed.

Accomplish More

It’s a fact: operators who are comfortable and confident are more productive than those who are not. That’s the motivation behind Crown’s commitment to forklift design and ergonomics.

Crown’s advanced suspension significantly reduces shock to the chassis, platform, and other truck components. In addition, the hydraulic system responds instantly and proportionally to operator commands for fast, precise positioning of forks and loads.

The patented weight-adjustable FlexRide platform provides ultimate rider comfort by tuning the suspension to the operator’s bodyweight. The entry bar switch on fixed-platform models provides the operator with additional protection.

the DT double stacker features Crown's FlexRide platform suspension
the double stacker DS/DT features Crown's Active Traction

Crown Double Stackers Deliver Results

Crown double stacker series are designed to deliver performance so operators can be as productive as possible all shift long. 

Crown’s Active Traction, fitted as standard on models with electronic steering, continually varies the pressure on the drive tyre depending on steering angle, fork height, load distribution, speed, acceleration and braking to increase traction, manoeuvrability and responsiveness. An intelligent tactile feedback feature adjusts steering force based on operational conditions.

Long-Lasting Value

Crown's double stacker series are built to withstand the constant challenges of warehouse environments – so they can deliver the reliability and uptime you count on.

Sturdy nested I-beam mast, a cast-steel reinforced chassis10 mm thick protective skirt, 5 mm wraparound covers, die-cast aluminium handle and the toughest side restraints available – all these features ensure a long life in the toughest environments. 

A spring-loaded drive unit with heavy-duty castors makes a critical difference to durability and traction control.

the double stacker DT delivers reliability and uptime

DS Series / DT Series Model Types

double stacker DS 3000
Pedestrian Double Stacker

The DS and DT pedestrian double stacker models are compact, agile and extremely manoeuvrable, allowing you to easily double up pallet loads in confined spaces.

double stacker with folding platform DT 3000
Double Stacker with Folding Platform

The DT double stacker with Crown's exclusive fold-up FlexRide platform allowing operators to select between rider or pedestrian functionality.

double stacker with fixed platform and side entry DT 3000
Double Stacker with Fixed Platform with Side Entry

The DT double stacker with side-entry fixed platform features an operator backrest that adds protection and comfort, especially useful for transport and order picking.

double stacker with fixed platform and rear entry DT 3000
Double Stacker with Fixed Platform with Rear Entry

The DT double stacker with rear-entry fixed platform is ideal for high traffic areas or long runs. The rear entry creates a comfortable compartment for the operator.

Options and Accessories

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity. They offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

the DS/DT double stacker can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries

Fork lift switches on both sides of the mast allow operators of DS stackers to easily raise loads while standing next to the pallet.

the DS double stacker is available with fork lift switches on both sides of the mast

Heavy-duty dual castor wheels available for the DT Series perform in harsh applications, including rough floors, long runs and extreme heat.

the DT double stacker is available with heavy-duty dual castor wheels

Freezer conditioning for the DT Series allows the double stackers to maintain performance in cold storage facilities.

the DT double stacker is available with freezer conditioning

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents pallet movement.

DS/DT double stacker with load backrest

The dual initial lift controls allow operators to control the position of the load arms with either hand.

DS/DT double stacker with dual initial lift controls