Order Picker - WAV Series

The Mobility Revolution

The Wave, Crown's Work Assist Vehicle, is a revolutionary order picker that delivers significant savings through enhanced productivity, application versatility and safety.

Order Picker / Work Assist Vehicle WAV Series
With the order picker WAV one person can easily accomplish the work of two

Do Twice the Work

The Wave order picker is a revolutionary, mobile productivity tool that allows one person to safely and efficiently accomplish the work of two while travelling twice as fast as the average walking speed. 

  • Reach working heights of up to 5 metres

  • Travel up to 8 km/h with travel speed based on lift height

  • Simultaneously travel and elevate for smoother, more efficient workflows

  • Manoeuvre through tight aisles and doorways as narrow as 80 cm

The Wave Order Picker Provides Safety with Every Turn  

The Wave's built-in system of protection and control starts the moment the operator turns the key switch. Crown's Access 1 2 3 System coordinates a functional display, manages lift/lower operations and controls travel speeds, steering and braking.

The order picker's four-point safety system provides enhanced operator control and safety.

Interlocked gates must be closed to raise or lower the operator platform.

the order picker WAV features interlocked gates

Safety sensors below the operator platform disable raise, lower and travel if someone or something applies pressure to the motor cover located below the platform.

the order picker WAV features safety sensors below the platform

Hand sensors ensure the operator has both hands on the controls for normal travel and lift functions.

the order picker WAV features hand sensors for safe operation

Dual foot pedals include sensors to ensure the operator has both feet properly positioned on the platform. The order picker automatically stops travel and lift/lower functions if either foot is removed.

the order picker WAV features dual foot pedals for safe operation

Productivity that Pays for Itself

Experience a world without the risks of traditional ladders – employee falls and injuries, expenses of lost time and productivity, and expensive product damage.

Many customers report a complete return on investment within one year of purchase of the Wave order picker.

Labour is cut in half

A two-person task becomes a one-person task and a one-person task can be accomplished twice as fast.  

Lost-time expense reduction

Increased safety also reduces overtime or replacement labour to compensate for worker injury associated with falls from a ladder. 

Product damage reduction

Safer product handling and lift assistance reduces risk of products dropping off a ladder. 

the order picker WAV doubles productivity and reduces the risks associated with ladders

Flexibility to Handle Virtually any Application

The Wave order picker is ideal for operations in busy, confined spaces where workers move with short and long travel runs, and where small loads are handled. It is a versatile alternative for facilities that currently use rolling ladders, traditional order pickers or working platforms to access high places. 

order picker WAV in a retail application

order picker WAV in a manufacturing application

order picker WAV in an order-picking application

order picker WAV in a food and beverage application

order picker WAV in a transportation application

order picker WAV in a facility management application

WAV Series Model Types

order picker WAV 60
Order Picker

The WAV Series order picker is designed to elevate one operator and a load to reach up to 5 metres and navigate tight aisles and doorways. 

Practical and Versatile


Testing Crown's Wave Order Picker
in Real-World Conditions

The independent trade journalist Theo Egberts extensively tested Crown's Wave Work Assist Vehicle during the IFOY test week 2017.

Key Options and Accessories

The powered load tray with infinitely variable position allows the operator to adjust the height of the tray, even while loaded, for flexibility with any load.

order picker WAV with powered load tray

Rail guidance automates steering control, allowing for minimal aisle widths. Rail guidance is not affected by facility power outages.

the order picker WAV is available with rail guidance

The retractable charger cord reel enhances the convenience of the order picker's on-board battery charger.

the order picker WAV is available with retractable charger cord reel

Mast storage bins offer a unique storage solution without compromising load tray space.

order picker WAV with mast storage bins

Work lights improve visibility when ambient lighting is insufficient.

order picker WAV with work lights