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Versatile Motive Power Products offer flexibility, reliability and efficiency for every application.

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Lithium-Ion: Next-Level Power

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems deliver more efficiency, longer run times and surprising value when compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Opportunity charging enables one battery to run nearly 24 hours a day and eliminates the need for battery swapping.

V-Force Lithium battery
v-force motive power battery chargers

Lead-Acid: Proven Performance

V-Force Lead-Acid Batteries deliver time-tested reliability for light to heavy duty cycles, from one to three shifts -- depending on power usage. Conventional, Opportunity and Fast Charging are supported, providing reliable, affordable power.

Deep Cycle & Starter Batteries

V-Force Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries utilize heavy internal construction to provide durability, longevity and solid performance. Thick plates and a rugged cell design enable V-Force batteries to deliver high productivity and return on investment in tough applications.

Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries

Motive Power Chargers

v-force v-hfm3 charger
V-HFM3 Chargers

V-HFM3 Series’ scalable design accommodates changing business needs and future technology growth, including lithium-ion batteries.

v-force v-hfe battery charger
V-HFE Chargers

V-HFE Series chargers offer the same technology and efficiency as the HFM Series but at a competitive price point.

v-force v-110 battery charger
V-HFM Chargers

Crown V-HFM Series Chargers deliver efficiency, programmability and application flexibility.

High Efficiency, High Frequency Chargers Provide Cost Savings

V-Force Motive Power high frequency chargers help improve battery life, reduce power consumption and lower energy costs. They can produce a quick return on investment, virtually paying for themselves early in their life cycle. For example, a customer replaced 60 chargers with high frequency units to maintain its 169 batteries. In just three years, electricity cost savings achieved a 100 percent return on investment. Within five years, electricity costs were reduced by more than $170,000.

High Frequency Chargers

Real Results

Battery Health Monitor Provides Data to Maximize Battery Life
“Getting the proper life cycle out of a battery is really important. With InfoLink and the Battery Health Monitor, it really ends up allowing SaltWorks to end up getting maximum usage out of those batteries.”

-John Rossi, Facilities Manager