Service and Parts

A Formula to Keep You Moving

Crown offers a variety of service and parts programmes to ensure you receive maximum value for your investment and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Crown forklift maintenance

Integrity Service System

Labour cost is not the only way to measure the worth of a forklift maintenance programme. That’s why we offer the Crown Integrity Service System.

We track all the features that work together to create a complete system of service such as response times and service and parts availability. Then our trained and knowledgeable service engineers get the job done, offering a choice of service plans tailored to your needs.

Crown Service Request App

Request forklift service on the spot when you need it with one easy connection to Crown’s superior service experience. 

The Crown Service Request app provides a fast and convenient way to request service from your smartphone or tablet. You can also track the progress of your requests from start to finish, right from the app. 

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Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
Crown Service Request App
Longer parts life with proven reliability
Less downtime and lower overall costs
Easier and faster parts replacement with Crown’s system design

Integrity Parts System

All spare parts are designed, manufactured and tested to Crown standards in order to contribute to the overall performance and long-term value of our forklifts. While Crown spare parts may cost slightly more initially than look-alike parts, they typically last longer.

Service, Parts and Operator Manuals

Order printed service/parts manuals, including safety labels, through your local Crown dealer.

Operator manuals for current Crown forklift models can also be obtained from your local Crown dealer.

Manuals for Crown forklift trucks