C-Bx Series Pneumatic Tyre
3,000 - 3,500 kg Forklift

Experience Electrifying Performance

Equipped with various ergonomic design and safety features, Crown’s C-Bx Series pneumatic tyre electric counterbalance brings 80 volts of clean, electric power to your operation to deliver the performance and durability of an internal combustion forklift in an environmentally-friendly package.

CBX forklift
CBx forklift seat

Operator Comfort Around the Clock

The C-Bx Series‘ standard convenience features provide a comfortable work environment with less fatigue. The Operator Sensing System (OSS) avoids any unintended truck movements when the operator is not seated. The warnings are triggered when operator leaves the seat without parking brake or drives without seatbelt fastened. An automatic stop is activated when the operator leaves the seat.

Excellent Visibility Indoors and Outdoors

Strategic layout of the mast chains and structures provides excellent forward visibility. The combination of the standard panorama mirror and optional large dual mirrors help improve rear visibility.

CBX forlift application
CBX forlift application

High Performance with Outstanding Durability

Performance is enhanced by combining advanced design and technology. Highly durable components help
improve uptime and reduce maintenance cost.


Powerful single drive axle transmits the electric motor’s power and torque efficiently.

Single drive axel

Dual AC controllers efficiently manage and deliver power and performance to the drive and hydraulic motors IP67 rating protects against dust and water intrusion, even when submerged in water up to one meter in depth.

IP54-rated, durable AC motor is protected from liquid in every direction, even in the rain.

Durable Motor

The tilt and telescopic steering column can be adjusted to accommodate the operators size and reach, and makes entry and exit easier.

Steer tiller
Single drive axel

C-Bx Series Model Types

CBx Series Forklift
CB30 - 35NS Models

Crown's C-Bx Series 3,000 to 3,500 kilogram electric pneumatic tyre forklifts feature ruggedness and durability with Crown's extensive service and support network. These reliable electric workhorses will keep your operation moving inside and out.

  • Load Capacity

    3,000 - 3,500 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    6,010 mm (TT Mast)

  • Power (Electric)

    80 V

Key Options and Accessories

Side Lift In Out: The battery can be replaced using another forklift from the side.

Side Roll In Out (optional): Rollers are installed on the frame, so the battery can be replaced easily without lifting.

Battery Side Extract

This optional feature levels the forks while tilting forward or backward.

Auto Tilt Leveling

Bright and long-lasting front LED working lights are standard. Optional rear work light and LED spotlight are designed to provide extra visibility.

Work Lighting
Battery Side Extract